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Do you remember your first bike?  I don’t.  It was probably a tricycle of sorts.  Then I moved up to a something with a coaster brake.  That too was quickly forgotten.  But BOY do I remember my first 10 speed.  I was in 4th Grade.  It had a fancy French name (Gitane) with metallic green paint wit...
Lawrence Louis Gibson Sept. 21, 1956 – Aug. 12, 2009   Larry, Rick and Mike Larry, we’ll all miss you! Obituary Funeral services will be at 10:00am at the Oak Park Hills Chapel on 3111 N. Main St. Walnut Creek, CA 94597Gathering of Friends at Postino Restaurant in Lafayette after. NOTE: I’ll be ...
Straight from my email Inbox Q. “Mike, if I am in business (let’s just say I’m a real estate agent) do I set up a Facebook profile for my business or do I setup a Business Page? A. Looking just at the Facebook Terms of Service (TOS) Section 3, Point 1: 3.  We do our best to keep Facebook safe, b...
Congratulations to Real Estate Client Referrals (RECR) for absolutely rocking their Facebook Business Page! Disclosure: I create custom designed Facebook Business Pages.  Each is different and represents the flavor of the business it represents.  As I find interesting pages or tabs I’ll highligh...
Relax…. It’s just down for the developers who need to access Facebook Pages. I noticed it last night and confirmed with a few people on Twitter. The Page is still up and functions like it did – the only problem is that we can’t get in and do anything on the backend. In the meantime, while we’re ...
I normally have to take an extra step to add this:      To the bottom of my post.  Thanks now to AR, I can set it up to add that automatically!Today is an exciting day for ActiveRain as we release a great new feature. As of today, you now have the ability to add a signature line to all of your bl...
Wish I could be there. I can't but maybe you can! Please pass the word.     That's right...  Some of you might remember the first Social Media Breakfast - Atlanta event that Ken Cook and I hosted July 23rd at the Duluth Diner in Gwinnett County.  There were a lot of folks that just couldn't make ...
DON'T !! Plain and simple, just don’t do it. In California it’s illegal and has been since January 1, 2009. Illegal, yet every single day I see numerous drivers willingly breaking the law. Yesterday it was a middle aged woman who had both arms thru the steering wheel, blackberry against the speed...
I just finished the Facebook Page for the Radio Show and thought it would also make a great blog post. Custom Facebook Business Pages are created using a combination of HTML and FBML. The Facebook Page is at a http://facebook.com/socialmediaedge and we would love to have you as a fan. Who knows -...
Sometimes you really hate to say "I told you so" but in this case - I can and I did! Good for your RECR!     I was recently playing around with services that allow you to post presentations online...companies like SlideShare and Scribd. I posted this to Scribed a few days ago...and in that time, ...

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