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Yup – Just do it! Nike nailed it.  It doesn’t matter if it’s blogging, podcasting, running a Facebook Page, or twitter.  It could be writing a novel, or beginning a new career in photography or running a marathon.  None of it happens if you don’t first START. As it pertains to this topic (gettin...
You might have noticed a few tweets in your stream announcing that one person has given a +K to another person.  What’s a +K?  Think of it as a way of giving Props to someone else.  If you have a Klout score anyone can give you a +K on any of the topics Klout seems to think you know something ab...
If you are looking at building your real estate business in Facebook one of the best ways is by running a “Community” based page.  Why?  It’s a soft sell and real estate is all about community.  But first you need to understand a little about the average real human being and their nature.  I’ll ...
You can call them themes or a series.  It doesn’t matter.  Some things just take a whole lot more than a single post.  While riding back from a recent REBarCamp I had a chance to mentally plot out a few.  Once back to a computer I did a little mapping and came up with 3 that I feel are worthy. F...
When you join Facebook you create a profile. I might as well say this now… You get one profile.  It’s your name.  First and Last (maybe a maiden name at the end in parenthesis).  Nothing more, nothing less.  That’s it.  Sorry but “Mike Mueller – Super Salesman” isn’t your actual name.  Can't hav...
I see a lot of different Facebook Pages – on plenty of different topics and in different styles, some good, some not so good, yet all of them have one thing in common – they all NEED a Landing Tab. First of all let me lay down a concept you may not be aware of.  With a FacebookPage – the action ...
Totally late to the Party.  Hey there was a Hockey Game on.  Was flipping through a few posts and saw some of the negative comments on this post.  My response... Really?  It sounds like there's a little more behind the objections than just objecting to this post.  Lighten up people. Let's change ...
That’s all I really need to say right? If you haven’t heard, he’s going to be the guest on SocialMediaEdge in just a few hours… “Guy Kawasaki is the co-founder ofAlltop.com, an “online magazine rack” of popular topics on the web, and a founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures. Previously, ...
Every week (sometimes daily) a new Social Network pops up on my radar.  It’s usually because I was sent multiple invites to join and not because I saw it in the news.  These networks have the right idea in making it easy to find and invite all your other friends on other networks. Over the holid...

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