distressed commercial property: Clarity Needed in the REO Rain Puddle - 04/16/09 02:26 PM
Last week I wrote a post that covered some of the difficulty in marketing a Bulk REO Package directly for the seller.  Unfortuneatly, some one got the complete list of homes, including addresses, and posted them on the web. Within days, this small S California REO Package was being hawked all over the web.
That did not change the fact that I am sellers Rep on the package. But in the REO Broker World, there is a huge game of smoke and mirrors that use real packages like this to attract buyers into a bait and switch game.
The Joker … (0 comments)

distressed commercial property: Why Use one Ruler To Measure all Properties - 04/16/09 01:32 PM
Working Real Packages Takes Patience   Posted: Thursday, April 09 2009 at 09:26PM Edit  
For those who are chasing thier tails...Looking for an answer to Small Bulk REO Packages.....Take heart. 
There are real packages, nice small packages that can be bought. They are not always where you want them.
 They are not always in your back yard.
They do not always look like a package.
They will have some houses that aren't pretty. 
PS.........this is REO, right??? These home were not paid for, sat empty without maintenance, possibly stripped of interior fixtures.
WHat do you think you get for … (3 comments)

distressed commercial property: The Wall Street Rich just Keep getting Paid - 11/20/08 04:25 AM

Hello all
I have been watching this sham unfold on the news each morning.Its getting to the point that I am watching old reruns while I do my one mile on the treadmill
How can these guys go on and keep ripping off the American people.
Its because we let them. Its because they pay the decision makers more than we do.
Here is a Video of a Fired up Congress member from Ohio, she certainly pulls no punches at all.
Look at the campiagns that just finished. ANother year of people spending ten times as
much … (2 comments)

distressed commercial property: Must Have Cash Flow To Survive, what a concept!! - 09/26/08 03:08 AM

What, should Realtors with kids and bills get a part time Job???
Should they consider the fact that the market is like a sharp pencil poking a balloon, and its not getting better for normal business. Working harder won't patch a hole like this, your own bills have to be paid no matter what. RIGHT??
I began pushing this mantra a year ago, and was booed off the stage for being negative...Sorry, not negative, just realistic...I was also one of the first here to talk about dealing in short sales and foreclosures, and was booed again for being a … (1 comments)

distressed commercial property: My Crystal Ball is in Focus A Blast from the past - 09/23/08 11:55 PM
Changes In The Business, The Rules, The Players (edit/delete) I see many things are changing.
Be careful of the banks, what will happen when they cannot balance thier sheets any more.
When banks MUST start dumping the foreclosures....when the FED can't cover....
Who will the banks turn to when the FED Can't cover...Who will the FED turn to when it can't Cover.
I read today that the new numbers are 6000 new foreclosures being filed EVERY DAY.
Remember when I was posting about lowball offers and getting Flack???
Yesterdays lowballs are todays current pricing.
What will todays lowballs mean by next … (1 comments)

distressed commercial property: Developers Capital Realty Gets New WebSite - 09/08/08 08:35 AM

Hello all
Its been a while, but DevelopersCapitalRealty.com   has gotten a make over on its old website.
Now, its not perfect yet, just much better. We have big plans, and its just in the beginning stages.....
We are working on some things, like auto responders and the contact me forms, but all in all, its a cleaner look.
We are also working on the Fla Deals page, which will showcase Fla properties and bulk purchase opportunities available to some qualified buyers.
We will soon have an auction page, full of details and final dates to get in … (3 comments)

distressed commercial property: Assets Clearing House.com is Launched! - 09/08/08 03:24 AM

Hey all you Active Rainers...I have been working on a new website.
Its just getting off the ground, and we are now getting the actual content squared away, the links working, and are looking forward to the pic tables that will actually do button rollovers , meaning that a "button will react in different ways when the mouse just rolls over the area..
We we playing with other types, but the loading times were not acceptable. The roll over buttons give just enough info for someone to get the idea, and load in apporox 1 second..Thats quick enough!

distressed commercial property: Where is the Bottom, Mike Norvell?? - 09/03/08 03:09 AM

Ok, I admit I have left the AR icon on my desktop to get a bit dusty.
After all I have ever said about Active Rain, I do admit that somehow I have gotten out of the habit of clicking that little AR button.
I have so many new buttons now. I have joined Linked In, Plaxo Pulse, REO Experts, Lets Network, Topix and at least a dozen more in the last month. I have written countless articles, little mini blogs on these sites, never once giving the content the thought that I ever did here.
I have also came … (5 comments)

distressed commercial property: Whiskey, Its not Just For Breakfast Anymore - 08/09/08 05:39 AM

The last few weeks have been a bit busy.
We have been meeting with a lot of people.
We are searching for Professionals in Fl to refer business to and feel a face to face meeting is a great way to get a better feel for how we might be able to work with someone. Makes sense to me.
Whats all the meetings for, you ask?? No problem...Developers Capital Realty MAY have a large REO package to split up here in FL very soon. There is no way our small company can handle hundreds of homes. So, using the … (14 comments)

distressed commercial property: Home Prices Keep Falling In Fl - 07/26/08 01:06 AM

I found this list the other day, I can't disagree with anything butthe order...If this is the list, how would you rewrite the order by level of importance to declining home prices.
    Top 20 reasons home prices will continue to drop in South Florida    1. Home prices are still overvalued by at least 20% to 30%    2. The cost of housing has grown faster than local wages    3. High property taxes are still a concern for first time home buyers    4. Insurance premiums are increasing to unreasonable levels    5. First time homebuyers are priced out of the … (11 comments)

distressed commercial property: Mike Norvell Sr, King of Localism, for Now - 07/15/08 12:40 AM

Hey guys,,I thinks its all going to work out...
I am the featured neighbor for my area,YES I AM THE KING, but I won't retain it because I won't buy it..I have learned to write posts with titles and content that get found in search engines..and I also write posts as good therapy for me. In fact, thats where this started.  I was writing on a blog called Planet Realtor that got very little in the way of feedback, but allowed me to reach out to others across Fla that were experincing the same related issues......One day Broker Bryant … (13 comments)

distressed commercial property: Super Deal On an Industial Park..Developers Capital Realty - 07/14/08 01:17 AM

Wow...the liquidity crisis has created more deals and steals than you can shake a stick at. I opened my email early this morning to yet another PAGE of bank portfolio packages that have dropped their cash price since just last month.
Condos, houses, office buildings, strip centers, motels...If you have a cash client that is looking for unbelievable deals in Fla, then please give me a call.
But the deal of the year may be a 57+ acre industrial park in Central Fl.  Developers Capital Realty is heavily involved in putting this deal under contract, its now with the … (0 comments)

distressed commercial property: Is it a good deal or not? - 07/07/08 03:08 AM

Recently I was asked for my opinion about some condos going for less than half of what they were going for a year ago..I do not know the area, but condos on the beach for 177,000 seems very cheap..There are always factors to consider though, and things like HOA dues and taxes still reflecting a 450k price tag are just some of them. 
Here is my answer,  I hope it helps one other person that takes the time to read it.
Dear Jason
What would be valuable to me is to know what the other distressed situations are going … (3 comments)

distressed commercial property: Going For the Big Guys - 06/23/08 09:03 PM

Going for the big guys.You know, the ones that when caught, dance on top of the water fighting you every inch of the way back to the boat. Those who know, know. Its not easy bringing in the big ones
As a guy who fishes, I think about how important it is to understand what we are fishing for.
If we are on a lake, in a smaller 16 ft boat, we might be going for bass. Bass like lighter tackle and weedless hooks set just right in plastic worms. If you are working around grass beds, and shallow … (8 comments)

distressed commercial property: Social or Business Network..AR is Good at Both..U Decide - 06/11/08 02:46 AM

Lately I have had the pleasure  of meeting a lot of people. Some of these people were from Active Rain, and I am glad to be a part of such a great forum.
We can reach out and tough people that we would not normally be able to meet, I believe this increases our visibility beyond our wildest dreams.
I just did comment on a Realtors post who was asking for help on a  listing she has on a resort property.  She feels that she has had a large amount of time wasted by dealing with some here  that … (3 comments)

distressed commercial property: Distressed Commercial Properties Are Available From Developers Capital Realty - 06/11/08 12:47 AM

Another week here in Central Fla means there is another ten or more great deals
that Developers Capital Realty has to offer. No kidding, deals are now coming to us in bundles of properties..Some are almost buy one get one free.
The housing crisis has put so much pressure on the builders, the lenders, and everyone in between. Banks are very reluctant to making the decision that is becoming inevitable. Strip Centers, Office buildings, and even medical complexes are feeling the ripple effect as the lenders have no choice but to start calling notes.
Many of these projects … (6 comments)

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