mike norvell sr: The Beginning of A Great Day... - 04/20/10 11:19 PM
My new Blackberry Tour is an amazing phone. It has all the capabilities of my last Blackberry, which was a Curve. However, when my buddy at the Verizon store said he could get me twice the phone for zero dollars out of pocket, how could I say no.
Well, one of the many things this phone comes with is the neat alarm feature.  Since I lost the instruction manual almost immediately, I am not sure what I did to turn on the alarm.  And I will admit I have not spent a lot of time trying to figure out how … (4 comments)

mike norvell sr: HUD & Reo Homes in Central Fla....a really good day - 04/20/10 02:06 PM
Its the business that we choose, this Real Estate Game. Some days seem to be moving backwards...
Today we made progress. After putting signs back on all the properties yesterday, today the phone was ringing off the hook... I get better at passing the ones that need financing over to some local mtg brokers who have the job of grooming the good ones for future business. I wish them well, its really tough in this market to get a loan.
That leaves more time to spend with the ready to go buyers. Working with cash investors is always more productive. Little by … (3 comments)

mike norvell sr: HUD Homes Battles in Central Fla....Mike Norvell Sr fights back - 04/20/10 12:04 AM
I now am working full time in HUD homes in Central Fl with Trent Realty....We have 7 counties and the phone rings off the hook. My job would be made much easier if the other agents pushing thier bandit signs all around our listings would stop the misleading advertising....$100 down buys this home...100% financing available..ect..... confusing the public is such a waste of time. Educating them would be more professional....THis practice makes the poor buyers feel like they're entering a sleazy used car lot....buyer beware. We should, as a profession, rise above this level and just do our jobs … (2 comments)

mike norvell sr: Breaking the 100,000 mark on Active Rain - 04/18/10 11:51 AM
So this is the post that will put me over the top of the 100,000 point mark. For the last day or so I have been contemplating what should be in this landmark post.
I thought about placing links in here for some of my favorites.  
I thought about quoting some of the posts that generated phone calls from agents across the country, who are still friends to this day.
I also thought about the many people who used to be so active here and now have moved on to other professions. Tough times have taken thier toll.
I think about … (4 comments)

mike norvell sr: Working the HUD Beat - 04/16/10 05:11 PM
The last few weeks I have been working the HUD Beat..That is I feel like I am getting beat up working all the calls that come in from all the people wanting to talk about HUDs..
Why is it that people put all thier faith in these signs that pop up around all my listings..."$100.00 down to buy this home."...stuff like that.. So every body calls to see if they can buy this home for $100. down....Its a HUD home, right??? 
HUD homes are a great deal … (2 comments)

mike norvell sr: Cherry Picking HUD & REO Bank Homes in Central Fl - 04/09/10 11:36 PM
For anyone that has seen me post before, you know how I feel about the smoke and mirrors game of BULK REO.
I am now direct to 3 sources of this product, and can prove it.
HUD homes in Central Fl are now available thru me since I joined Trent Realty, Inc. Trent has the contract with HUD for seven counties. The cash buyers looking to invest in HUD homes should contact me to get thier package ready in advance to make a bid. Why?? Ask two of my investors that last week lost out on … (3 comments)

mike norvell sr: Walk Away From Home In Foreclosure?? - 04/05/10 05:26 AM
I have seen a lot of posts lately about the responsibility of the homeowner to NOT walk away from the upside down mortgage mess they are in.
There is much ado about the moral ramifications and the hit it will place on your credit.
With all due respect to these wonderful experts, I think, in fact I know they are wrong. In my opinion, of course.
First of all, why should the individual homeowners be the ones to take the big hit. Where is their bailout. The banks and insurance companies took billions from us, and used it to buy up all the … (46 comments)

mike norvell sr: Mike Norvell Sr Joins Trent Realty To Market DISCOUNTED HUD Homes In Florida - 04/05/10 01:19 AM

First and foremost: Mike Norvell Sr is now with Trent Realty. We work as marketing agents for HUD & REO Bank homes in 7 counties in Central Fla.
I now am representing all of Lake County, Fl HUD Homes, Lake County, Florida REO Bank Owned Properties for Trent Realty. Bidding on these HUD HOMES in Lake County, Florida requires a certified check for escrow deposit and a HUD HOMES official contract.
Presently, I have HUD HOMES for sale in Tavares, Eustis, Leesburg, Paisley, Montverde, Clermont, and Sorrento which are all in Lake County, Florida. I also have new … (3 comments)

mike norvell sr: Ready,Fire, Aim.........Morning Coffee with Norvell Consulting Group - 03/19/10 11:47 PM
For a multitude of reasons, I chose to take a break from this and
all other forums for the last few months.
During this time, I rediscovered local markets and real life deals far removed from the fantasy land of these multitudes of internet offers. I rediscovered working every day with real people while enjoying the simple pleasure of a weekly direct deposit into my own bank account every week.
Had a great experience working with a marketing company that put me in contact with dozens of small business owners per week. Funny how those who have to stay rooted in … (4 comments)

mike norvell sr: Finally Good News ....Seasoning Requirements Rolled Back - 01/19/10 11:57 AM
<!-- End noprintfooter --> <!--</div> </div> --> U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 451 7th Street S.W., Washington, DC 20410 Telephone: (202) 708-1112     TTY: (202) 708-1455 Find the address of the HUD office near you … (2 comments)

mike norvell sr: What this Active Rain site about now anyway?? - 12/07/09 07:50 AM
Here I am again...
Its been a month or more since I was here last. There was a time when Active Rain was the first click of the day..
What happened??
Mainly, I took time that I was spending here and went to go make some money. I continue to come back to the Real Estate market with a sincere hope that its time to start spending some time getting back actively involved.
The primary topics here seem to be Short Sales and the process of not getting deals done.
I know too many good agents … (6 comments)

mike norvell sr: Why is the Health Insurance Industry Protected from ANti Trust - 09/30/09 01:38 AM
Please go look into this...we are finally getting some action on the Big Health Insurance Companies having monopolies in states....not allowing competition.
Did you know that Health Insurance Companies are exempt from the Sherman Anti Trust Laws...them and Major League Baseball...
WIthout competion, prices go up when ever they want.....lets open the doors to a more level playing field....
Whats your thoughts on this...........
Check it out....

mike norvell sr: Realtors Need a Bill Of RIghts...Hmmmm - 09/29/09 02:49 AM
Wow...I am back on Active Rain...And I love my Air Card Powered netbook that allows me to write comments like this during the day, between stops.
Lets make the point again...I am an independent person with no real "Big Box Broker Franchise" affiliation.  A question continues to come up as why we as Realtors HAVE to play the PoP Tart Realtor Game...I NEVER wanted to give my time away, and spent very little time working for the National Franchises that perpetuate the outdated, unprofitable system.
I think its a perception problem that "pop Tart" realtors have created. Pop Tarts just … (3 comments)

mike norvell sr: A look 2 years back..Mike Norvell - 09/29/09 02:13 AM
Here is a post from 2 years ago I wrote....I was on my way out at that time of working "regular Real Estate"  Nice to see that I havent changed that much in the last few years.....
PS...I dont even take listings anymore....
Lets Act Like Proffessional Realtors (edit/delete) Hello All,With prices continuing to fall, and the mortgage industry all but drying up, we had better just spend our time listing homes that will pass inspections and appraisals. Our job as Realtors is continuing to evolve into total consulting position with a well rounded understanding of the entire home buying, financing, … (4 comments)

mike norvell sr: Phone caller Objects to My Opinion - 09/29/09 02:01 AM
Welcome back to Active Rain..........
I wrote my first post in many months this morning, and made a reference to the part time soccer moms with a real estate lic. Also, how we as Realtors are "bound" by our code of ethics to give assistance to all those in need. Again, I will restate...I am not here to do those kind of deals, work with those wonderful clients...you can have them all....
I will make a small concession here....I should have included part time soccer dads, or anyone who takes on buyers or sellers that do not really … (2 comments)

mike norvell sr: Should Home Owners be Judged for "Strategic Defaults" - 09/29/09 01:36 AM
Is there a real moral question about home owners doing "Strategic Default" foreclosures....what choices do they have. Why should the homeowners pay for 30 years to cover the sins of an industry that got bailed out...
If there is a real poll taken, we would have to be careful of the questions and the persons being called.
When it is your house, or someone in your family, suddenly the whole situation is looked at differently.
If we take the investors and flippers out of the equation, then we are left with the actual homeowners who have unfortunately got caught … (0 comments)

mike norvell sr: Dusty In the Rain - 09/29/09 12:18 AM
Good Morning..
I am looking at Active Rain for the first time in months. I, a former avid blogger here on Active Rain, have gotten dusty. I took a much needed break that has gained me a more diversified opinion. Real Estate is local, and I have been working, in different markets across our country. Finally, Fla, my home for all my life, is ripe for doing business again........
I look around and see a lot of new faces...and some old familiar ones..
Who are all these new people.. where were they when many of us were fighting to stay … (4 comments)

mike norvell sr: Local Realtors Wanted....Find the local Gems - 05/05/09 01:10 AM

Hello all....
What a nice day it is here in Sunny Fl.
I am working with 2 groups that are taking small groups of REOs and selling them "retail".  Now, I know that most of these were for sale retail before, but now we have different motivations than the bank did. We actually will call back, communicate, and make a deal. How refreshing!!!
Many of these properties are available for owner financing, and we  have broken the list down a few ways. For investors, there is a 1 thru 10 price, and then 11 or more.  I beleive you … (1 comments)

mike norvell sr: Clarity Needed in the REO Rain Puddle - 04/16/09 02:26 PM
Last week I wrote a post that covered some of the difficulty in marketing a Bulk REO Package directly for the seller.  Unfortuneatly, some one got the complete list of homes, including addresses, and posted them on the web. Within days, this small S California REO Package was being hawked all over the web.
That did not change the fact that I am sellers Rep on the package. But in the REO Broker World, there is a huge game of smoke and mirrors that use real packages like this to attract buyers into a bait and switch game.
The Joker … (0 comments)

mike norvell sr: Why Use one Ruler To Measure all Properties - 04/16/09 01:32 PM
Working Real Packages Takes Patience   Posted: Thursday, April 09 2009 at 09:26PM Edit  
For those who are chasing thier tails...Looking for an answer to Small Bulk REO Packages.....Take heart. 
There are real packages, nice small packages that can be bought. They are not always where you want them.
 They are not always in your back yard.
They do not always look like a package.
They will have some houses that aren't pretty. 
PS.........this is REO, right??? These home were not paid for, sat empty without maintenance, possibly stripped of interior fixtures.
WHat do you think you get for … (3 comments)

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