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Attending last week’s RISMedia Leadership Conference in New York gave me a much better understanding of the difficult position agents and brokers are in regarding making decisions on their marketing spend.  New technology, although proving effective, has added increased complexity to the decisio...
If you are not familiar with Local.com, they are localized online search tool specializing in helping people find large and small businesses within their local area.  Unlike other local search tools out there Local.com contains rich review content submitted by actual customers as well as free li...
Too many marketers live in silos.  Their strategy too often fails to address all the ways they could be reaching their target audience.  In many cases if they are reaching their audience through the right channels the message is not consistent or integrated properly. When  I build a digital mark...
Search engines may not be mythical creatures bred for their skills in magic, but they are constantly engulfed by marketing myth.  That is simply because the rules change almost daily.  The rules you knew from late 2007 have changed and will likely change again before the year is out. The points ...
Adopting new marketing techniques is essential for agents to keep up with an evolving buyers market, and one of the hottest technologies today is mobile marketing.  Now don’t jump to conclusions on mobile marketing and SMS, it’s NOT just for teenagers.  Right behind teenage users, SMS is most hea...
In April of this year Zillow launched their mortgage service called “Zillow Mortgage Marketplace.” The marketplace enables consumers to create a request for a purchase mortgage, home equity loan, or refinance loan. However, unlike other home loan aggregators, Zillow enables the potential borrowe...
The importance of backlinks to your site is of course search engine results.  Backlinks are links from other website going into your site.  The more relevant sites linking to you, the more popular your site will appear to search engines.  This is a critical component to optimization.  Here are a ...
Most of my postings in the Active Rain community are to offer online and mobile marketing tips and advice.  I typically do not post anything regarding my business, however wanted to take this one moment to fill the community in on a new service that my company just launched.  Here are the details...
If you are not already working with Trulia, but are working with Realtor.com, you may want to consider expanding to Trulia as well. They are growing at warp speed right now in terms of overall traffic. They are quickly outpacing Realtor.com and Zillow in terms of audience growth...see below. The ...
There are so many ways to market your website. As a business owner I understand how important it is to be found by the right audience online. Here are a few free or low cost ways to market your business online. If you’ve spent any time marketing your business online I’m sure you are already doing...

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