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I've written about it in the past, social networking is time consuming. Here are a few more tools to help you save time managing your social networking efforts. StumbleUpon is a social community that allows users to vote on posted content through an installed toolbar on their desktop. This is a g...
Facebook's rise within the college student community has enabled it to grow into a dynamic yet professional environment which is very effective for marketing your business (or yourself). Not as personal as MySpace and not as static as Linked In, Facebook offers a great middle-of-the-road solutio...
Banner ads are one of the oldest forms of online marketing. There is a chance that you are using in the links to your site on partner sites or considering using some to drive traffic to your site. I recently came across some info from Marketing Sherpa that I found interesting regarding how to im...
With today’s Web being more social and average Web users having more than one account in several of these sites, be it MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg or YouTube, it is becoming increasingly cumbersome to manage each account individually. A new wave of social aggregation services aims to make o...
When people are searching for a realtor online where are they going? Compete analytics has broken down the top sites that people go to when they do a search on the term 'realtor'. We can assume that these people are in market for real estate or looking for a realtor. No surprise who the top site ...
Google Adwords continues to be the dominant channel for online advertising, however Google's foray into print seems to be ramping up a little more slowly. Google Print Ads allow advertisers to easily advertise in up to 600 newspapers nationwide, all managed (and tracked!) through Google Adwords....
If you’re like me you have way too much to do.  Keeping up with the critical tasks just to do your job is daunting enough, never mind keeping up with important things like social networking and reading industry news! Here are three free, easy-to-use technical tools that I use to better manage my...
According to Comscore, overall traffic going to real estate sites in the month of February is up, year over year. This may be good news for the market, showing an increase in overall consumer interest in the real estate market.  Not much new here, however top apartment and rental related sites a...
WWW. .com I recently read an article by Aaron Wall that was very interesting and struck a chord with me. I'm constantly getting this question: "yesterday I was ranked #1 on Google and today I'm gone without changing a thing...why?" Well there are many, many reasons why a search rank can change qu...
According to Compete analytics year over year growth at prominent For Sale By Owner sites is down when compared to growth at sites geared towards Realtor listings. Of course this does NOT include Craig's List and other typical melting pot sites where the Realtors and owners mix of listings tend ...

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