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Like most bloggers you probably could use more traffic to your blog. Getting people to Digg your content or submit your content to Reddit is critical to generating traffic. But how can you get more people to do this? Here are a few tips that might help you out. The overarching thing to keep in m...
Many of you may not know, but one of the largest Mobile Industry trade shows (CTIA) is going on this week in Vegas. One of the hot topics is MySpace’s further integration of mobile technology into their already robust platform. MySpace is planning to announce that subscribers will now be able to...
Whether you are new to the whole social networking thing or have just been apprehensive to add them to your marketing strategy now is a good time to start testing the waters. In my opinion social networking is the best way to market your brand online. It provides the ability to connect with peop...
Of course you are busy trying to manage your business and do our job.  You also understand that being active within the social networking community is critical to the success of your online marketing.  So how do you prioritize?   How do you know if a social network is really worth your time?  Her...
+ = If you didn't know, Realtor.com does have an iPhone version of their website at iphone.realtor.com . As expected this will be a quickly growing trend, and proof of that is the launch of Trulia's iPhone version of their website. Trulia did create a great video promoting the site. Check it out...
 Builder Homesite Inc. ‘BHI’ (Newhomesource.com) announced a partnership with dynamic ad platform provider AdMission to launch a highly targeted online ad functionality for home builders. The partnership will allow Newhomesource.com to display targeted ads that have been purchased by home builde...
  In the world of search marketing it’s always useful to keep tabs on how important keywords are performing in your industry. Taking a look at which sites are winning the click battle on key terms can help you develop a sound search marketing strategy. Using Compete Analytics I recently took a lo...
 I just noticed that Google’s video Adwords listings are functional.  You can see them by doing a search on ’smart phone’.  In the paid listings area you will see a “+” with the tag “watch commercial” after it.  Click on the plus sign and the video commercial plays right on the page.  You can al...
YouTube has quickly become much more than just a place for High School Speed Stacking clips, American Idol auditions filmed in a backyard and other random personal video clips. You may already know this but many companies use YouTube as a distribution channel for their content and commercials. La...
I can’t find the info that I’m looking for on Google…now what!? As great as Google is, it is not perfect and there are plenty of topics that it won’t cover or the info given simply is not what you were after. When this type of dilemma occurs more and more people are now turning to social networks...

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