west bloomfield: Birmingham MI - Ten Things Sellers Really Want from Their Agent - 12/13/13 04:47 AM
You have worked hard, knocked on doors, networked, and you are finally getting listings!
Hooray! This seems like a piece of cake: put the property on multiple listing, put a sign in
the ground, and go collect your commission check, right? Wrong! Not if you want longevity as a real estate practitioner.
Here are 10 things for you to do to develop loyalty from your customers and word-ofmouth
1. Deliver what you said you would at your listing presentation. Your credibility is at stake. Do what you say you will do.
2. Take the time to make honest recommendations to them about “getting … (0 comments)

west bloomfield: West Bloomfield MI Short Sale, Escape Your Unmanageable Mortgage: Getting free doesn’t have to mean running away. Mike Sher, Certified Distressed Property Expert, Max Broock, (248) 496-1472 - 05/03/12 04:33 AM

West Bloomfield MI Short Sale, Escape Your Unmanageable Mortgage: Getting free doesn’t have to mean running away. Mike Sher, Cetrfied Distressed Property Expert, Max Broock, (248) 496-1472
Perhaps you have heard about it.
On the news, a reporter tells a story about how the housing crisis has caused some homeowners to simply walk away from their homes. It sounds crazy, but many people are being led to believe that walking away from their home is a good (or even the best!) option.
It is called Strategic Default. For distressed homeowners who believe that they have no good choices left, the … (0 comments)

west bloomfield: West Bloomfield, MI Short Sale Sold by Mike Sher (248) 644-4700x242 ! www.ShortSaleOaklandCounty.com & Certfied Distress Property Expert - 11/04/10 05:55 AM
Selling Homes in West Bloomfield Birmingham, Bloomfield, Beverly Hills, Huntington Woods, Farmington West Bloomfield, Rochester and Troy
The Mike Realtor Team is proud to announce that our West Bloomfield Short Sale home has recently closed. With our 85% Short Sale success rate, the Mike Sher Team is has saved another home from Foreclosure. If you are looking to sell your home or looking to buy a great home for a great price, the Mike Sher Team is here to help. Call us at (248) 644-4700 X 242 or check us out at www.ShortSaleOaklandCounty.com, Blog or on  Face Book Mike Sher 

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west bloomfield: Short Sale West Bloomfield MI, know how to accept a Bank of America Equator Counter offer Mike Sher (248) 644-4700 - 07/08/10 06:50 AM
Below is an email from BOA explaining how Counter offers are to be handled and the fact that though BOA may accept an offer, the file still must be approved from the investor.  Good info, Read Below:
Realtors have told us the better they understand the counter offer process, the more successful they are in closing short sales.
 The following facts related to the counter offer process are critical to closing short sales in Equator.
act #1: Your acceptance of the counter offer terms does not mean the transaction is approvedAcceptance of the counter offer means that Bank of … (6 comments)

west bloomfield: West Bloomfield MI Short Sale Tip #40 Neighbors Do Not Let Neighbors Get Foreclosed On. - 05/13/10 08:18 AM
If you remember the old ad, "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk"  you did this not just for your friend's well-being but for who ever your friend might kill if they are behind the wheel. 
Well, Foreclosure prevention is just like that. Do not let your neighbor or friend get foreclosed on.  Not just because foreclosure destroyst heir credit, causes bankruptcy, hurts their future ability to buy a home, lease a car or find a job. You stop them because when they walk from their home, you and other neighbor's home value get killed!!
The average foreclosed home sold for $141,900 in January while the … (0 comments)

west bloomfield: Short Sale West Bloomfield Tip, before you began, make sure you are eligible!! Oakland MI Mike Sher Max Broock Realtors - 04/15/10 03:39 AM
Dear Bloomfield, Birmingham, West Bloomfield, Farmington, Troy, Rochester, Beverly Hills and Huntington Woods Home Owner, 
If you or someone you know is having a tough time with mortgage bills, now is the time to do something about it. Now, there are new government-backed programs for eligible homeowners. To quickly find out your eligibility, fill out the free surveys here: http://shortsaleoaklandcounty.com/Eligibility These surveys will give you quick answers about what your options are, and what to do next. My site also provides free information on foreclosure avoidance options so that you or anyone you know can learn what options are available. 

Please don't … (1 comments)