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Got an Open House going on today at #207 - 2228 Welcher Ave. in Poco. 1 - 4pm. 1 bed, 1 bath condo for only $219,800. If you're in the nieghborhood, stop by and buy it ; ) ... or just come hang out with me. CLICK HERE to find out more about this very affordable condo in Port Coquitlam
I moved across town to Central Coquitlam from Port Moody about 6 months ago. I never thought I'd end up over on this side of Coquitlam because before I lived here, it seemed like a bit of an unappealing part of town, aesthetically speaking. In Port Moody, I got used to being a 2 minute walk to th...
Neighbourhoods of Coquitlam   Coquitlam City Hall The shape of Coquitlam can be thought of as a tilted hourglass. Southwest Coquitlam comprises the original core of the city, with Maillardville and Fraser River industrial sector giving way to the large residential areas of Austin Heights, colloqu...
Coquitlam The Coast Salish people were the first to live in this area, and archaeology confirms continuous occupation of the territory for at least 9,000 years. The name Kwikwetlem is said to be derived from a Coast Salish term meaning "red fish up the river".   Explorer Simon Fraser came through...
For those less fortunate than us in our warm Coquitlam homes, this Winter in Coquitlam is set to be one of the coldest on record. If you have anything warm to give to those without homes in Coquitlam, from mittens to sleeping bags, check out the Realtors Care Blanket Drive. The REALTORS Care® Bla...
The current state of the Real Estate market in Central Coquitlam is similar to that of the real estate market in Greater Vancouver overall. In the last month, Central Coquitlam has seen 14 homes sold with 77 homes remaining active. This gives the Central Coquitlam real estate market an 18% Sales ...
I actually laughed out loud today because I heard these words yet another time! Sooo many people say this. "We're going to try to sell again in the Spring", or "We're waiting for the Spring, when the market picks up". etc. When I dig and ask questions about why so many people saying the same thin...
It's hard to spot, but there's a little restaraunt in Central Coquitlam on the corner of Austin & Marmont that, once you eat there, you'll keep going back for more. It's called Soup Plus, a little sandwich shop tucked away in a corner. Once you enter the place, you'll hear classical music playing...
  As I study the statistics for Central Coquitlam & Coquitlam West, I realize that, although the area isn't as visually appealing as somewhere like Port Moody, or the other side of Coquitlam, more home buyers are buying on this side of Coquitlam than anywhere else in Coquitlam. Although Westwood ...
Port Moody has a lot of nice homes, and water-front property is a rare commodity. There are only about 400 properties in all of Greater Vancouver where you can have deep-water moorage to park your boat in your own backyard. The only strip in Port Moody where this is possible is Alderside Road. Fr...


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