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If you spend any time on social media, and you should if you're in any kind of business, you've seen them. The manipulative posts that say "if you love so and so share this, ignore if you don't care."  I've always said I love God, respect the troops, vets, firefighters and police officers.  I pra...
Citing global economic concerns the Fed has decided to hold off on an interest rate hike for the time being.  Janet Yellen will be addressing the media shortly.  Although the majority of analysts expected this announcement there was some concern that a rate hike may happen this month based on com...
An article on CBS Chicago's local page dated yesterday claims that cyber criminals are targeting real estate transactions.  The largest reported theft has been around half a million dollars thus far.  The crooks seem to mostly be operating overseas as the person interviewed in the article found o...
  I remember earlier in the century a number of "no payment for a year" promotions being sold on everything from furniture to cars.  This is considered a deferred payment.  You don't see these types of loans anymore but there are still some loans that can be deferred.  Student loans are the most ...
This week's winner of the Friday funny is a meme I saw on "Why Women Live Longer Than Men"- Of course I've seen that on several different memes over time so I went back and found some of them to share a few.  There were funnier things that came across my feed but none of them were appropriate for...
HUD is releasing it's new FHA handbook version 4000.1.  All the changes to FHA guidelines will be effective on case numbers assigned on or after September 14th of this year.  Some of these items reflect a tightening of the guidelines while others could be considered loosening. There are quite a f...
I have to get used to asking this question this day and age; do you have solar?  I worked a refinance with a low DTI, great credit and very low LTV.  Everything went smoothly until the escrow agent ran their final title search, albeit late in my opinion (we had already wired the funds).  Much to ...
September is childhood cancer awareness month.  It's also the month that will mark two years since my daughter Abigal was first diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).  We first learned she had cancer on September 11th of all dates and got the offical AML diagnosis on the 13th.  As many of y...
Friday was another hectic day in the life of Mike.  I didn't get to blog my weekly Friday Funny post so here I am on Sunday night writing up a list of some of the funniest things that came across my various news feeds.  Up to this point I've done one funny item but there were a few this week that...
  I know I'm not the first to do this.  You hear something relative to you or your business and you get excited.  This information can help you in your business or help your clients.  You look at the basics but miss the fine print. I did that last week right here on Active Rain and I've struggled...

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