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William Dudley, the President of the New York Federal Reserve is saying that due to current turmoil in the world markets that a September rate hike, or normalization as they call it, is "less compelling than it was a few weeks ago."   He did state that his hope is to raise rates some time this ye...
For the past several years Freddie Mac has followed the same seasoning guidelines as FNMA for borrowers that have had past credit events such as foreclosure and bankruptcy.  The longer waiting periods for buyers that had these issues meant FHA or private loans were really the only options for tho...
Coming to Avondale on Thursday 8/27/15 from 1:00-4:00 pm, Down Payment Assistance and the Consumer.  Agents will learn about the different down payment assistance available to help qualified buyers obtain home ownership.  We all know with rent at record levels and wages remaining stagnant that sa...
Each week as I take a mental note of the funny things that come across my various social media news feeds and try to share what I find to be the most humorous of the items that are appropriate to share on a professional platform.  This week's version is something I've seen quite a few times over ...
  Over the past several weeks leading up to the Federal Reserve meeting today, the "hawks" had been stealing the headlines.  Based on interviews with several members a September rate hike seemed like a forgone conclusion to some analysts.  After the release of the meeting minutes this afternoon a...
I usually try to keep my Credit Tip Tuesday posts as fact based as possible, with a little opinion sprinkled in.  However, due to some shady practices that happened in the past there is such a wide range of opinions on this week's subject among industry professionals.  The mere mention of commerc...
Every Friday I share the funniest thing I've seen on the internet all week.  This of course is strictly my opinion.  It should also be noted that this is the funniest thing that is appopriate to share on a professional platform.  Some other things may have crossed my social media feeds that were ...
  As we've discussed in previous posts the North 32nd St Corridor was once a bustling part of town.  32nd Street served as the best North/South passage for travelers heading to North Central Phoenix from areas South and Vice Versa.  After the completion of SR51 (Piestewa Peak Parkway) the traffic...
We all know that your credit history plays an important role in your ability to obtain financing.  Whether you are seeking a mortgage, an auto loan, or something as small as a store credit card lenders will review your credit to see if it's worth the risk to extend a loan to you.  But is that the...
The funniest thing I've seen on social media this week comes from an old friend in Vermont.  He actually had to teach classes on the safe use of this particular piece of equipment.  I'm quite certain this was not part of his presentation.  I do wonder if warning labels are doing more harm to the ...

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