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According to research cited in an article on, 46% of Millennials plan on purchasing a home in the next 2 years.  The majority of these surveyed said they would be looking for a move-in ready home and surprisingly most said they anticipate putting 20% down.  Which brings us to the three ...
Sometimes even the most responsible individuals fall on tough times.  Whether it's an oversight or a rough patch, negative credit events can follow you for a long time.  The FICO algorithm, discussed in my last "Credit Tip Tuesday" post, does allow the impact of a negative event to decrease as ti...
It's not a big secret that the Federal Reserve is looking to start raising the short-term interest rate in what would be the first hike of the rate in more than 9 years.  What's been in question isn't the if but the when. Many bond traders have been watching the economic data and shrugging off th...
63.7%. That's the home ownership level for the second quarter of 2015, officially marking the lowest home ownership level since 1967.  Many experts believe the number will continue to fall and will in fact hit all time lows sometime in the near future.  The media likes to point out that the stock...
This week's Friday Funny is in the form of a question.  When I was an appraiser I saw a number of things in people's homes that just made me shake my head.  Often the home owner thought that it added value, I frequently had to explain the difference between "value in-use" and "market value."  In ...
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has never been very receptive to the idea of marketing service agreements, or MSAs.  They view them as a cover for a pay for referral practice which is a RESPA violation.  Unfortunately, in many cases they are correct in believing so and recent action take...
For many potential home-owners the biggest hurdle is saving money for a down payment.  Even with low options such as FHA's 3.5% down that's still $7000 plus closing costs on a $200,000 home purchase.  With rental prices at record highs and climbing and wages staying relatively stagnant it's been ...
We all have them; days, weeks or longer (hopefully not) that nothing seems to go right.  That was this week so far for me.  The good news is it's only Thursday so I have a couple of days to right the ship so to speak.  It started Sunday night and never really got right.  Because of the strangenes...
It is unclear what caused this toddler's car to be towed.  Police responded to complaints of a toddler recklessly driving his car in the park, scaring other toddlers on the playground and harassing the ducks at the fishing pond.  When interviewed by police the toddler, who doesn't speak yet could...
  Recently I received a call from a long time friend.  His cousin had just been "hosed" on a home purchase, his words.  The buyer and his wife had both graduated from college and started their careers.  They saved up some money for a down payment and were ready to look into purchasing a home.   T...

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