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This is from Maurice Cohn's blog, he sells real estate in Surprise, Arizona. I hope you get a smile from it too, words are such good fun to play with. I like all the possible memory hooks that can be made around "Surprise". As is "Let us Surprise you with our customer care."Hope you enjoy his sho...
Just like English class of old, diagrams to the rescue. If you can diagram it then it will be easier to understand, it will all be put in its place in relation to all the other choices. This is very good, I feel like I should put this on a business card so I could hand it out. Some people should ...
This blog comes from another state with as many or more foreclosures than we have here in Michigan, has some usefull advice. We are useing short sales as a tool that earns a commission and helps a homeowner move on away from home that is no longer worth what is owed. This is an all to often seen ...
These are all great reasons to reduce your price. This is always a problem for real estate agents "Price Reductions" is in the 'Dirty' word dictionary for us. This list of suggested reasons is useful, when the price is set we are using a crystal ball in an attempt to guess what the house will sel...
This is the newest magic wand the government is using to help underwater home owners. This will help if you want to stay in your home, this will give you access to the lower interest rates while they are still available. That will help lower your payments but will not fix the underwater problem o...
These guys look like a good group, their offering to help agents become better at their jobs. The hard parts, so I do not need to feel like I am reinventing the wheel again, Lead generation and communication. Those two things are critical to success, an agent can survive a lot of mistakes if you ...
This post which brings up an interesting idea "How would Mother Theresa of used Social media" Just try to imagine how she would use this far flung bloging world that touches so many people to help all of us become better people? How can we use it to improve our relationships with the ones we love...
This post lays out how an agent can sort out the leads and hints about what to do with each of them. There will be more to follow on this I am sure.  The ActiveRain Point Accelerator System... There are Systems for everything involving Real Estate.  Although all Systems work, we must select the o...
This is a good explanation of options homeowners have in this economy, Contact me so I can help you through this, please. This shows that home values have taken a big hit across the country, not just here in Michigan.What Can I do When I Owe More than My House is Worth?  It is estimated that as o...
If Realtors would tape this to their wall and use this information with all their listings there would be less heart ache on the market. This is so important for people to understand, we are still in a falling market, the rules that applied last year will not work now. This advice is so right on ...

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