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Evey now and then I sneak off for an hour or so and take a drive on local steets or highways I haven't been to in a while.  It is amazing how stuff changes and looks different over time. One of my favorite routes to visit is the section of Hwy 50 between Hwy 21 in Brazos County and and Hwy 79 in ...
 A true Republic of Texas Homestead that began in 1836,   Known as the "Old Cavitt House".  Located in Wheelock Texas and Robertson County, only a short drive from Bryan-College Station and Texas A & M University.  This was a former stagecoach inn.  The original log home is still in the backyard....
I don't know about the rest of you, but it has been almost a week.... and I am still feeling the effects of Thanksgiving dinner.  Could be because we are still nibbling on leftover cheesecake, brown sugar encrusted ham and other delicacies.Now it is only a month until Christmas and there will be ...
Every year about this time Mr. Peepers tends to get a little bit excited. We think he knows it is Christmas.  He starts putting on a few ounces as he seems to be hungrier than normal and he really gets to chattering and whistling songs.  Peepers likes a variety of music from Rock n Roll to classi...
To me my sunglasses are like an old friend...they are always there for me.  I keep them in the special little trap door compartment on the ceiling of my truck.  I just can't drive woithout them anymore.  A long time ago I learned not to buy cheap sunglasses (also a song made famous by a Texas Ban...
Located about 1/3 of the way between Hearne, Texas and Wheelock Texas is the hamlet (....I'm not sure if the word can be used in Texas) or community of Blackjack, right near the intersection of FM 2549 also known as Arrowmoon Hwy, and FM 391 which dead ends in Wheelock Texas.  Now Blackjack has a...
   Today I looked up the definition of knuclehead in some obscure web dictionary .  Expecting something a little more eloquent this is what it said ... A stupid person.        And that is exactly what I felt like all day today after opening my big mouth.......WITHOUT THINKING. Blah Blah Blah Blah...
I love our family's  Thanksgiving celebration. Each year our holiday celebrations become more and more a celebration of giving and thankfulness.  This year each of the 19 present stated what they were grateful for. It was so neat to listen to everyone's particular selection. Then we visited with ...
If you missed last nights game against the Huskies you missed an opportunity to see what the Aggies are really made of.   Folks, we have a well balanced team that plays as a team.  The Aggies took it 77-63 with Sloan being high point man with 18.  Seven footer, Jordan was shining on rebounds and ...
Well  tonight my wife and I carried cookies and coffee to the law officers working traffic from the bonfire.  Our ranch is right at the turnoff that leads down to the bonfire site. I asked a state trooper how the numbers were and he indicated it was about half as many as last year's showing.  Lat...

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