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Many individuals are not aware that if you want to divide a tract of land into smaller parcels (subdivide them) you must file a plat with the Brazos County Commissioners Court. Many individuals are under the false impression that they can take a parcel like 50 acres and just sell off tracts that ...
Another year has drawn to a close on our game management ranch in Brazos County. This is our 3rd year under a program we worked up with the assistance of a wildlife biologist with Texas Parks and Wildlife at Texas A and M University. We had to harvest 3 times as many does this year most likely du...
I love the Gothic look the old Episcopal Church in Downtown Bryan. A good time to see it would be on the monthly First Friday event held every month on the First Friday in downtown. Copyright 2010 Milam F. "Trey" Thurmond III, Broker, CRB, GRI, SRES. For all your real estate needs in Bryan-Colleg...
One thing is for certain , the longer you are in this business the more repeat business you may see...if you treat those clients right in the first place.  I was so glad to have received a call this week from a client that purchased a home through me fifteen years ago! That is a pretty good perio...
Think about it ...When was the last time you had a good old fashioned tickle fight? You know the kind . The ones you had with your friends or siblings that went on and on until one or the other cried "UNCLE !" I remember having them with my two brothers and dad when we were young. Sometimes we wo...
Today,  I took a chance to observe the 1.7 million pound  ( 850 tons) power  generator that is moving through the Bryan-College Station area on Hwy 6.  They say it moves about a mile an hour!  The trailer it rides on is 100 yards long and 38 feet wide!  Yes, I  took a chance and did get caught in...
That's right Poop... is big business! Entire cities don't exist unless they have modern sewage treatment facilities and if they expect to continue to grow they must plan for the future of poop! Municipalities depend on adequate and hopefully superior modern sewage treatment systems in order to pr...
I have to agree with Gov. Mike Huckabee... that the Democrats did get caught with their pants on the ground  this week. But , moreover Mike's view that this could help insure the President's re-election, if he pays attention to the signals created by the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, ...
As most real estate professionals  know , RESPA has recently made a couple of major changes to the real estate sale closing statements.   And to also be expected are some more additions that Lenders are beginning to require. There are two new items  that have to do with minerals on real estate tr...
I have to brag a little on my brother Tim. He is in  charge of our home building company and does a terrific job of budgeting, estimating, supervising and getting our homes to the finish line. Classic homes has been around since the early 1960's and has a reputation for building a good solid home...

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