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FHA Information & Updates brought to you by a Northwest Ohio FHA appraiser. I cover the following 8 Counties: Erie, Hancock, Huron, Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca, & Wood.
FHA just announced that the deadline to upgrade to the certified level is October 1, 2009. Any appraiser that is on the roster who is not certified will no longer be eligible for FHA appraisals after the October 09 deadline. On October 1, 2008, FHA stopped taking applications from licensed apprai...
I just love my Google Alerts. I have several alerts based on FHA and appraisals and I just had to write about one of the articles in the alert I found. I clicked on a link that brought me to an appraiser's website who is willing to trade appraisals for people's stuff instead of cash. He was askin...
FHA realized that they dropped the ball back on February 7, 2008, when they lowered the requirements to become an FHA approved appraiser. Basically if you were an appraiser and you had a pulse you could join the FHA roster.  FHA has been like a knight in shining armor to the lending world as it s...
This may be old news for some people but not everyone is familiar with the changes made by FHA.FHA Changes Part II          FHA Changes Part IExcerpts from MORTGAGEE LETTER 2005-ML-48 This Mortgagee Letter is effective for all appraisals performed on or after January 1, 2006.FHA no longer mandate...
I would like to pick your brain for a minute and try to get a better understanding as why some RE Agents include interior pictures of homes they list and others do not. I also wonder why sales concessions are not always listed. Is it personal preference, legal reasons, office policy, how someone ...
This may be old news for some people but not everyone is familiar with the changes made by FHA.FHA Changes Part I FHA's primary area of concern is in these three areas: Safety, Security, and Soundness. Properties with conditions that threaten or could threaten the health and safety of its occupan...
OK I've made some changes to my website,, after reading and following the advice of many posts from the people here. I am looking for feedback on my website and suggestions to make it better. Please let me know what you like and don't like about my site and any suggestio...
My name is Kenneth J. Miller and I am not a killer. I hear it all the time regarding appraisers killing another deal because the appraisal report came in too low. My wife used to work for a mortgage broker and I'd hear it all the time from loan officers in her office. This drives me crazy. Don't ...
Effective February 7, 2008, FHA will no longer require the HUD examination on FHA reporting and examination to become eligible to do FHA appraisals. One must be licensed or certified to be placed on the roster. FHA feels that the testing required to become an appraiser is sufficient and that requ...
This may be old news to some but there are many people out there who don't know about the changes made by FHA.FHA has made some changes in its requirements for financing a home through their program. Gone are the old VC sheets with the pages of hoops a property must jump through. Gone are the man...

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