coldwell banker hearthside: Some Tips to Make Moving Easier with Kids - 08/25/16 03:41 AM

Sometimes a move is unavoidable, regardless of how much you or your kids' would rather stay in your current home. If your young ones are not looking forward to a change in scenery, here are a few tips to help them make a smoother transition into their new home:
Involve Them
Involving your children in the moving process will not only help them to better understand the move, it will also make them feel as though they are more in control of the situation.  By taking them to open houses they'll become familiar with the neighborhoods you're considering moving to, and will have … (0 comments)

coldwell banker hearthside: Bucks County Real Estate - Bucks County market update - 04/07/16 03:41 AM
Today, I have a special market update for the Bucks County real estate marketplace! I have some surprising data to share with you. We have about six months worth of inventory currently. This is considered a balanced market for buyers and sellers alike. Watch this video to learn more.
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coldwell banker hearthside: Everything you should know about title insurance - 02/16/16 06:09 AM
Today I’m with my title insurance expert, Robin Mancuso DeLuna. She’s going to share as much information about title insurance as she possibly can. It’s usually a point of confusion for my clients, so I wanted Robin to clear up a few misconceptions. Watch this video to learn more!
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coldwell banker hearthside: High property taxes in Bucks County - 08/17/15 06:24 AM
Everyone always says that their taxes are too high. Today, I'll go over how to tell if your property taxes really are more than what they should be. If your property taxes are too high, you can easily file an appeal. To learn more, watch this short video!

coldwell banker hearthside: What should you look for in a final walkthrough? - 08/17/15 06:21 AM
I understand that many home buyers probably just want the keys to their home during a final walkthrough. Transactions can be stressful, and when you're that close to the end, you can get a little sluggish. However, this is your last chance to take note of any issues. I could write a book about all the things that I've seen pop up during these final walkthroughs. Watch this video and see what I'm talking about!

coldwell banker hearthside: The Best Mother’s Day Ever - 05/08/15 01:53 AM
When you were a child, what do you remember most about Mother’s Day? More than likely, you remember making homemade crafts such as necklaces made of macaroni, drawing a card, or even helping to make mom breakfast.
Believe it or not, that’s what moms remember the most as well. And when we’re young, those are great ways to share our appreciation and love. But, Mother’s Day doesn’t have to stop there.
Mother’s Day can be used to appreciate all moms – ones we have encountered over the years through work, friends, and even mentored us along the way.
Take some time this Mother’s Day … (12 comments)

coldwell banker hearthside: Bucks County Real Estate - Does Your Neighbor's Home Sale Affect Yours - 05/07/15 06:41 AM


coldwell banker hearthside: Biking and Bucks County – Perfect Together! - 05/01/15 09:07 AM
Drive through Bucks County and most likely you experience the beauty of rolling hills, fields, covered bridges, trees, and beautiful homes. Just imagine how much more you could experience if you explored Bucks County on your bike.
May is National Bike Month, which makes it an even better excuse to explore our region on our local trails and back roads. You may find covered bridges you never knew existed, dirt roads that might be fun to explore, and scenery that you never knew we had in our region. Just be sure, whenever you ride, that you observe some basic safety rules:
1.   Be … (2 comments)

coldwell banker hearthside: Avoid Allergies This Year! Really! - 04/17/15 07:23 AM

For those of us in Bucks County who suffer from allergies, we know the misery. Itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose, dry throat – and you just feel miserable. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania has a pretty high allergen rate – our trees and plants just seem to trigger allergies in many throughout the region and state. But, believe it or not, there are things you can do to reduce your misery and help you feel better.
 If it’s windy outside, try to limit your time outdoors. The wind kicks the pollen out of the trees and off plants, greatly increasing your risk for … (0 comments)

coldwell banker hearthside: Bucks County Real Estate - 5 quick tips to get more from your homesale - 04/14/15 04:46 AM


coldwell banker hearthside: Bucks County Real Estate - Getting your home sold faster - 04/14/15 04:44 AM


coldwell banker hearthside: Bucks County Real Estate - Which home repairs are worth investing in? - 04/14/15 04:43 AM


coldwell banker hearthside: Bucks County Real Estate - How to find good homes easily - 04/14/15 04:41 AM


coldwell banker hearthside: Homes Currently For Sale In Bucks County - 04/11/15 12:18 AM
Looking for a new home in Bucks County? Bucks County has EVERYTHING you’re looking for. We have incredible school districts, beautiful local and state parks, spacious homes and yards, and even convenient locations. Most homes in Bucks County are close to nearby highways, making commuting to work a breeze.
If you do not see a home you’re interested in below, feel free to visit and view all homes currently on the market.
6 Dunham Lane #3 in Newtown - Experience the borough of Newtown lifestyle, in this absolutely stunning, sophisticated, upgraded and totally custom, unique luxurious, all brick, reproduction home in Phillips … (0 comments)

coldwell banker hearthside: A Reflection - 04/02/15 10:52 PM

Most of us are aware of the upcoming holidays. Easter and Passover both occur right around the same time frame, and there is plenty of preparation for both.
One thing both Easter and Passover have in common is new life (or rebirth). We can all reflect on new life – we experience life when a baby is born, watching the buds form on the trees outside, and seeing a flower bloom.
Spring also brings new life – we can see deer with their new fawns, baby rabbits in our backyards, baby birds in the trees, fresh grass … (3 comments)

coldwell banker hearthside: The Perfect Time To Sell - 03/27/15 11:29 AM

Everyone – just take a deep breath and take a look outside. The snow is finally gone, and we can see the very beginning of little buds forming on our trees. Spring is here – soon our yards will have green grass and flowers will bloom!
Spring is the perfect time to sell your home. Potential home buyers enjoy the freshly-planted flowers next to your front walkway, the beautiful colors of flowering trees in your backyard, and the sweet smells which only spring can offer.
Selling your home gives spring cleaning a new meaning. If you are currently … (0 comments)

coldwell banker hearthside: Life Happens – Refinancing Options To Help During Difficult Times - 03/07/15 04:49 AM

There are all kinds of things in life that just happen. Some are planned, such as a teen going to college – most life events are not so planned, such as a sickness, death or even a tragedy.
When events happen in our lives that we don’t expect, we get behind in payments, and start to wonder where the money will come from. Refinancing your home is a way of lowering your monthly mortgage payments, which can help you save money.
Refinancing is an option if you have never been late on your mortgage payments. If you haven’t … (0 comments)

coldwell banker hearthside: Bucks County Luxury Homes - 02/07/15 02:24 AM
Luxury real estate is abundant throughout Bucks County, located in Yardley, Washington Crossing, Newtown Square, Gladwyne and other prestigious towns.
Here are a sampling of some luxurious estates located throughout Bucks County. These homes all offer multiple acres of land, serene surroundings, and upscale amenities.
Lot 28 Woodside Road in Yardley, PA
4 Bedrooms, 3 ½ Baths, 4,865 square feet
Absolutely spectacular, unique custom home being built on a lovely, wooded 4 acre lot on Woodside Road. Built by one of Buck's Counties finest custom home builders, McGinn Construction, this incredible home will feature high end, upscale … (2 comments)

coldwell banker hearthside: Ready For Spring Yet? - 01/30/15 08:39 PM

I promise you – it may not seem like it right now, especially with the snow on the ground and the cold wind gusts – but spring is coming. All of us are patiently waiting for its arrival!
While you’re waiting, you can actually start on a little bit of spring cleaning (which will completely allow you more time outside once the weather breaks). Winter cleaning is great – especially when your snowed in or don’t feel like venturing outside and feeling the cold.
While this cold weather has all of us bundled up and waiting for warmer … (3 comments)

coldwell banker hearthside: Move to Bucks County – Homes Currently For Sale - 01/22/15 04:11 AM
What is important in your Bucks County home search? It could be the neighborhood, walking distance to shopping, the school district, or the need of a fenced backyard for your family pet.
Here’s the great news – Bucks County has EVERYTHING you’re looking for. We have incredible school districts, beautiful local and state parks, spacious homes and yards, and even convenient locations. Most homes in Bucks County are close to nearby highways, making commuting to work a breeze.
Many homes are currently for sale in Yardley, Richboro, Washington Crossing, Doylestown, Trenton New Jersey and more. If you do not see … (0 comments)

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