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The origin of Thanksgiving began in 1621 when American colonists in Plymouth, Massachusetts and the Wampanoag Indians shared the first Thanksgiving meal. Given some misnomers, we don't think the menu included today's traditional Thanksgiving meal favorites. Thanksgiving historians doubt that ther...
Do you ever feel like there aren't enough days in the week to get everything done that needs to be done?  Have you ever thought about exactly how many hours you waste sitting in traffic on the way to and from work?Think no more!  According to a recent national study, drivers waste about an entire...
If only we knew?  But here's a start ... Over-sized Garages?Home buyers in increasing numbers want garages with two or more spaces in their homes, according to the 2007 NAR Profile of Buyers Home Feature Preferences.Since the last survey in 2004, oversize garages saw the biggest growth in terms o...
For much of the year, Southern California's Coachella Valley weather is idyllic.  The more than 330 days of sunshine and average daily temperature of 75 degrees make the valley a popular destination.Although the area features mostly sunny skies and little rain, residents endure occasional gale-fo...
Free Thanksgiving meal to be served at senior centerThere will be a free Thanksgiving Luncheon from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Nov. 15 at the La Quinta Senior Center at 78-450 Avenida La Fonda. Entertainment and food for the event are being donated by Desert Cities Catering. Reservations are require...
Something to remember, something to think about!Take time to work.  It is the price of success.Take time to think.  It is the source of power.Take time to play.  It is the secret of perpetual youth.Take time to read.  It is the fountain of wisdom.Take time to be friendly.  It is the road to happi...
Dilemma:Susan has been unable to keep up on her mortgage payments on her primary residence in California.  Susan's lender has properly recorded a notice of default.  Rick is intereted in purchasing Susan's property as an investment.  He wants to pay Susan fair market value for the home before the...
Wishing everyone a happy, safe and healthy Halloween!!!!  Here are a few tips for after trick or treating is over and before your kids (or you) eat any candy:Wait until children are home to sort and check treats. Though tampering is rare, a responsible Adult should closely examine all treats and ...
Every day, everybody you meet, and people who called you - send them a THANK YOU card. You basically say, "It was very nice meeting you. Thank you for getting to know you. I am a Realtor and wouldappreciate it if you would refer my name to someone you know who is thinking about buying or sellingr...
Finding a community that fits your own set of criteria requires a fair amount of research:Before making an investment in real estate, those in the know suggest spending a couple of months in a community to make sure you like it well enough to settle there.Talk to locals to learn their overall sat...

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