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What a great time to be buying a house! However, many people have no idea WHY? Mortgage Payment Protection  Program, YES< I SAID PROTECTION & MORTGAGE together!!!! Then there is the First Time Homebuyer's 8K Tax Credit.  So Real Living is offering Mortgage Protection for 1 year. Here is how it wo...
We live in such as fast paced world,running our kids to school, babysitter, and then off to work we go! Ok, I must admit I just heard Snow Whites dwarfs signing. Anyway, you understand what I am getting at I am sure. Then we pick up the kids and off again Sports, shopping, homework, dinner and wh...
 The Champaign County, Ohio Fair started August 1st and runs through August 8th. What a great time to get out and meet other people in our communities. There are many changes happening around us everyday that we do not see directly. We seem to get caught up in work, raising the children, and runn...
   Hello, I continue to hear people say, " The Market Stinks!",  or "Where are people getting there money?". Well, I am not an expert or anything. However,  I do know that not everyone is in working for the same company. The market is just that THE MARKET! Real Estate is no different than anythin...
  THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO ALWAYS GIVE ALL WE HAVE TO GIVE!!   STRIVE TO MAKE LASTING RELATIONSHIPS!!  IF YOU NEED HELP< JUST ASK!! If 99.9% Were Good Enough, then... Two million documents will be lost by the IRS this year. 22,000 checks will be deducted from the wrong bank accounts in the next 60 ...
  With our first snow day being used already & Christmas on the way, this is a perfect day for moms and dads!! Sit down with the children and think ahead - What are we going to do over break? HMMM.... Play board games, play in the snow, watch movies, finish making Christmas lists, and don't forge...

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