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   Photos by Debra Walsh, Copyright © 2010 Debra Walsh. All Rights Reserved.  These photos may not be reproduced, used or transmitted without the express, written permission of Debra Walsh of Keller Williams Realty in Goshen, New York.  If you would like to use an image please contact me directly...
So last night after it raining all day my husband is perusing the paper and spur of the moment says "want to hit the movies?"  I am no fool so of course I said sure! and off we went.   We decided to see The Other Guys because it looked so funny.  After a little bit of a stressed month this is exa...
  This is a very informative post by Debbie Gartner explaining Bamboo flooring.   Since it is becoming more popular it is best to know what it looks like and if it is something you should consider for yourself.   One of the most common questions I get is whether bamboo flooring is hard or soft. O...
Now that the closing is over and you have the keys to your new home you are able to move your personal items in.  You can start personalizing the space and making it your own with furniture, paint and so on.  Have you allowed in your budget for the purchase of new furniture?  Items needed to make...
  For all of the New Yorkers that have never seen deer that look like this.  Thanks Don!   We have not had rain in about three weeks and the deer are looking for anything that they can eat so it brings them to our backyard.  These photos were made about 5:00pm today there were about ten in the ya...
Last month I received a referral from Lori Cofer out in Washington State for someone right here in my own back yard.  It was for a consultation with someone who is looking to move out west but had quite a few issues to take care of before they would be able to do this.  We have been talking back ...
I have a client looking at property that has silos (pictured) and he is thinking about possibly using the silos as an observatory type space.  I thought this was a really neat idea.  He would put a spiral staircase to the top in both and both would have clear glass tops.  How neat is that? These ...
Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about bees.   I heard a buzzing and saw these bees making a nest I guess.  If the pictures are blurry at all it is because I couldn't stop my hands from shaking long enough to take a picture since there were alot more bees buzzing around my head and I was usin...
So today I stopped by the post office as I often do between appointments and had a nice surprise.  I had a package waiting from Canada!  So while I waited for them to scan it at the post office etc...I tried to figure out what it was.     For a moment I was puzzled - who was sending me goodies fr...
This Month in Real EstateAugust 2010 ............................................................................................................................................... Market Update Housing activity continues to remain above year-ago levels despite some setbacks resulting from the n...

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