dogs: Funny Fridays - Oh No A Picture Too? - 10/26/12 03:50 AM
One of my friends was over this week to visit and she loves my dogs.  At one point she was trying to hold both of them, since I didn't have my regular camera handy I quick snapped a picture with my phone.  I wanted to capture that priceless look of joy since they both looked so thrilled to be next to each other in someone's arms.  They are both very jealous of attention and are never happy when they both get it at the same time. 
Both are girls and had their sweaters on because it was quite chilly that … (14 comments)

dogs: 10 Common Foods That are Toxic to Pets - 04/02/10 01:55 PM
Great post from Westbrook Realty.
We don’t feed our dog human food, well, not much.  Our little silkie
does like beef jerky and potato chips!  But in researching how
 many common food items are extremely toxic
is really surprising.  I knew about chocolate and leftover bones but
not the rest of the list.  Macadamia nuts, really!

We had a dog that loved grapes…..gee, we did not know they
weren't good for her.  I also had a friend in California
who lived next to an avocado grove. Her dog would gorge himself
on ripe avocados………..and then he had kidney … (11 comments)

dogs: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY - Got any Food? - 02/07/10 04:31 AM
I saw this cute little guy when I ran to the Post Office the other day.  As I got out he called to me as cute dogs always do.  I hopped back in the car and took two quick shots before the owner returned.  It is through the car's dirty window but you can still see how adorable this tiny dog is.  He has some long nails on him too.  Sorry I couldn't resist!


Photos by Debra Walsh, Copyright © 2010 Debra Walsh. All Rights Reserved.  This photo may not be reproduced, used or transmitted without the express, written permission … (17 comments)

dogs: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY - SUMMER DAYS - 01/31/10 10:30 AM

Photos by Debra Walsh, Copyright © 2010 Debra Walsh. All Rights Reserved.  This photo may not be reproduced, used or transmitted without the express, written permission of Debra Walsh of Minisink Valley Homes Real Estate in Slate Hill, NY.  Thank you for not plagiarizing!

dogs: SILLY SATURDAY - MY FRIEND'S NEW PET - 12/26/09 09:32 AM
My friend Tina came to see me last week and brought her new pet with her.  What a cutie!

She adopted her new Yorkie from a place that does animal rescues. (North Shore Animal League) He is only a few years old (maybe 7) and she is in the process of training him, getting him used to her and used to other people.   When he came to her he had not been taken care of and had some problems.  He had a huge bite on his back which left him with a scab at the time he came to … (19 comments)

dogs: DOG FOR SALE! - 10/22/09 01:28 PM
Another great joke received in my email inbox!
                            A guy is driving around the back woods of Montana and he sees a sign in front of a broken down shanty-style house: 'Talking Dog For Sale ' He rings the bell and the owner appears and tells him the dog is in the backyard.The guy goes into the backyard and sees a nice looking Labrador retriever sitting there.'You talk?' he asks. 'Yep,' the Lab replies. After the guy recovers from the shock of hearing a dog talk, he says 'So, what's your story?' The Lab looks up and says, 'Well, I … (11 comments)

dogs: Helpless Victims of the Economic Crisis- Abandoned Animals - 10/10/09 07:55 AM
Helpless Victims Of The Economic Crisis- Abandoned Animals Should I be crying after showing property? That's the question that I asked myself as I drove home on a recent Saturday afternoon after showing homes to a client. Earlier that day we happened across 2 abandoned dogs living all alone at a house in Los Angeles. The house was listed as a short sale, but the agent told me that the owner was in the process of moving out and may already be gone. Sure enough, the house was vacant and the dogs were living in the crawl space under the … (6 comments)

dogs: The Orangatan And The Hound Dog - 09/27/09 08:34 AM
You won't believe it till you see it! … (8 comments)

dogs: Who Let The Dogs Out? (Woof Woof!) - 09/16/09 07:51 AM
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Dogs.  You either love them ... or not. 
When you are selling your home - you don't want to lose a potential Buyer - or even risk that a Realtor won't show the home because they or their clients are afraid of dogs, have aversions to them, don't like the way they shed, etc.
Here are a few things "not to do" if you … (13 comments)

dogs: Pets Are Underreported Victims of Foreclosure - 08/30/09 10:40 AM
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Pets seem to be an underreported side effect of foreclosures of the ongoing recession.
Most foreclosed families don't have any choice but to rent.  And many landlords won't accept pets.
I have seen unfortunate pets abandoned or left behind during tenant rental evictions for years.  I have discovered abandoned pets locked in … (4 comments)

dogs: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY - SSSHHHHHH! - 05/31/09 09:14 AM

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