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"How did you know my brother Jonathan?"  I've never used the past tense before with this question. Standing at the head of the casket, I greeted my brother's friends and colleagues as one by one, they paid their last respects. That's Jonathan on the left, 40 years ago, listening to an Indian pati...
Stumped for ideas?  Here's a 10 cent way to generate $100 content for your blog: Back up a bit.  Kate Bourland's "members only" post got me to thinking about writer's block.  We struggle--she and I--with the desire to post interesting, useful content.I've found something that works for me.  See i...
"I'm too old for this !$%#%!"  Complaining loudly to no one in particular, a hiker came into view 50 or 60 feet below me. "How old are you?" I called.  George (79) and I (55) were coming down from the summit of Picacho Peak, the site of the western-most battle of the Civil War.  We were walking. ...
Our local chapter of BNI has about 30 members.  We're fanatics about referring business to each other.  Last year, 35% of my business came from first, second, third and fourth generation referrals from this group. Our massage therapist resigned, leaving an opening for a new member for that categ...
I waited in line patiently for more than 20 minutes.  My turn came, my name was called, and I approached the counter with all the confidence of a sinner at the pearly gates. Four weeks earlier, Elouisa (not her name) and her REALTOR®,  agonized over the offer of $150,000 for a manufactured home l...
When I was a kid, my sister, bless her heart, was always telling me what to do and who to hang out with!  She subscribed to Mark Twain's theory of change: "Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits." (lol) Bloggers often use "LOL" when commenting.  (I see "bless your heart" less often....
Inman posted this interview on August 22.  The Platial site allows us to add layers of content to maps, and to easily export to our own venues.  I think this will be huge for me.  Take a listen, and please comment with your idea on HOW we can use this in our businesses.Real Estate Video by - Real...
I visited Technorati's Tag Page to see what the world outside Active Rain is talking about.  The biggest topic of concern in the English speaking world this hour is PHP (lots of techies on line right now,) followed by SHOES, RINGTONES, Diet and Weight.  Discount the techie types, and Shoes rule t...
 Southeastern Oklahoma is home to some very rocky soil.  Ranchers anchor their long barbed wire fencelines with "rock posts" because it's a whole lot easier than sinking anchor posts.It's cheaper, too.  You don't have to buy the rocks; you just pick them up.My friend Dick Carson in Caddo has take...
  The Arizona Sonoran desert is surprisingly beautiful. Eons of wind and rain sculpt the granite backbone of the Tucson Mountains into amazingly intricate forms. My favorite is the Rock Angel of the Desert.  Facing an outcropping opposite Cat Mountain, she stands silent, wings folded, head bowed...

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