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Mothers will be horrified, no doubt.  Mine would have been.  There's not much difference between confidence and utter lunacy... except from the kid's perspective. Let's give him a name.  Mikey! Confidence shows in his stance, the set of his shoulders and arms, and in the initial direction of the...
Manufactured housing is not the trainwreck that it's perceived to be by the lending community.  'Course when a real train hits a single-wide, you're looking at the result on the right. Manufactured homes in Tucson are generally located on lots three to five times larger than those for new constru...
David Oliver, in Deming, NM, captured the essence of optimism in the face of a storm in this photo. (You can save a high resolution version for your desktop by clicking here. Do it.  You deserve a gift for subscribing to my blog.)  Does the market for Real Estate have you complaining about your c...
Is the worst behind us in the credit crunch? When my account exec from First Franklin stopped calling on me earlier this year, it seemed that the handwriting was on the wall for another mortgage lender.  Merrill Lynch bought the mortgage unit from National City a year ago to compete with Lehman's...
Without critical food supplies in store before Arctic winter cuts off contact, the lives of 200 Canadian workers could have been jeopardized as an unintended consequence of the subprime debacle in the credit markets.   Baffinland Iron Mines Corp. sends annual supplies during the warmer months of...
Who can resist a view like this?  The little town of Cedar Run, NJ sits between State Route 9 and the west bank of Barnegat Bay.  At the end of Dock Road, surrounded by the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, you'll find a gem of a restaurant, Antoinetta's.   BYOB, because the arcane NJ l...
  One of the selling points of any Real Estate listing is a bird feeder, at least for most folks.  Don'tcha know this Redneck Bird Feeder brings a laugh to every REALTOR and client who visits?  I'm thinking many of 'em run right home and build themselves one of their own. Sunset Magazine used to...
300,000 people traverse this gem of a beach called Long Beach Island each season.  A very few of them dig down to see what they can find in the sand.    Since WWI, unexploded military ammunition (ordnance) buried beneath the sand in Surf City, NJ has threatened millions of happy, clueless, vacat...
Talk about an "eagle eye!"This... is Focus!  That photo, by a gifted Canadian, is the wallpaper on my office computer, courtesy of Caedes.netIt reminds me time and again to do one thing at a time, to do it well, and to get it done before starting something else.Because of Active Rain, I'm focused...
Words are previews of things to come.  What you say will likely become what happens.  Here's a unusual exercize to expand the part of your brain that has to do with the structure of thoughts:  Write a poem.  Let a phrase rattle around in your brain, then put it on paper.  Here's how it works for...

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