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Robin is an agent with Realty Executives.  She joined AR yesterday, and has already signed up her first Rainer!  Please click on her photo to go to her Active Rain blog and make her feel welcome. Robin makes these cool hand-thrown, hand painted southwestern candle covers.  The little ones are abo...
You don't notice him right away; he's quiet and unassuming.  He blends in with the granite boulders that define my goldfish pond.  The artist who created him as "outdoor art" lives and works in Colorado. When I first met his gaze, he was looking out of a glass case in a small gallery in Chandler,...
Many big banks and mortgage companies are pushing reverse mortgages right now.  Countrywide and others are offering classes to loan officers on how to sell (what to say, and what to avoid saying) this product to seniors.  In the first article of its kind that I've read, someone articulated what I...
It's unbelieveable that my friend the Colonel was able to get so close that he could take this photo without a telephoto lens. The doe didn't bolt, confident that if only she stayed very still, she wouldn't be seen; the brush is an effective visual barrier. Sometimes I feel like the deer. I hope ...
Someone emailed me, asking where I find the time to take all my photos, and write blogs on AR.  "Do you still do mortgages?" was the question at the end. Everything in life is a balance.  We need to work enough to make ends meet, keep food on the table, and send goodies to the grandkids.  Okay, I...
This has been a great day; I hope yours was, too.  My Mom used to call Sunday "the Lord's Day," and it certainly was today.  Our church meets in a high school gym in the shadow of the Pusch Ridge escarpment, a granite outcropping that defines the westerly boundry of the Santa Catalina Mountains. ...
  In case you missed it, go back, and move your cursor over each photograph to see a description of the photo.  God's creation is just fantastic!  In case you haven't yet joined the Active Rain Group Active Rain Fit Club, now would be a good time to click the active link there, and join up! Here...
If I could have paid to have a helicopter pick me up and fly me out, I would have given it serious con-sideration.  The only way out (other than walking) would have been rescue by mules, and that would have made the newspaper! My legs weren't obeying my mental commands, and the pace slowed consid...
My friend Eleanor Thorne commented on the last segment "Were you crazy?"  To which I freely admit that sometimes, I am.  This was one of those times. Six or seven miles into the hike, we came to one of the really steep parts.  The trail was a series of switchbacks, taking us back and forth down a...
  (If you're starting with this post, you might want to check out Part One first: Memorial Day Hike Down Mt. Lemmon to Catalina State Park, Tucson, Arizona.) Someone commented on the first part of this story that they don't think of Arizona as being cold.  That depends on elevation.  Friends hike...

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