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Visually, this graphic immediately makes you want to leave and go somewhere else in the Rain.  It really does, doesn't it?  As of 5:00 this morning, Tucson, AZ has 322 Active Rain members.  89 of those have no photo on their Profile Page.  Just this blue-gray atavar. I looked through the Tucson p...
Debbie's (left) agency is just upstairs from my office, and it's a pleasure to refer business to her.  That's because Debbie goes the extra mile for my clients, and is more interested in what's good for the client than what's in it for her.  Vicki Altadonna of Tucson (right) can take the blame fo...
Please welcome my friend Kevin Lusk to Active Rain.  Kevin joined under the heading Real Estate - Other, and he's an entrepreneur who is working on his degree at the University of Arizona's business school, Eller College.  I told Kevin that Active Rain would be as useful to him as an MBA.  Go wel...
This photo generated a lot of interest in my last post, Saturday Night in the Desert: It's All in the Perspective.  My friend, Chuck Park, is flying a kite, to which is attached his camera.  The foreshortening is the result of the proximity of the camera to the top of the Saguaro, a cactus which...
No Photoshopping here.  No trick photography.  No outside help from another human being. Can you guess how this photo was taken?  The photographer had no outside help, nor was anyone else within a quarter mile of him. This photograph has captured my imagination this week.  It's a self portrait!  ...
The baby is not quite four months old.  (A.R. Grandpa Duane, this is India.)  Everything is interesting and new, but nothing holds her attention for very long.  Nothing until this train. Our kids came to visit from Denver, and we had spent the better part of a day hiking in the Coronado National ...
This is a tough market.  I want to know what works, and when I find that, I want to implement what I've found.  In my BNI chapter, I've found Acres of Diamonds. BNI (Business Networking International) offers members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals...
The market was down pretty significantly today, but that's not all that drove the price of bonds up, and interest rates down! The 10 year bond, which started the day at 4.12%, ended the day at 4% even.  Twelve basis points is a significant move. Some of our lenders improved loan pricing twice tod...
It would seem counter-intuitive.  Housing prices are falling, but interest rates have to go up.  Charles Plosser, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank, expressed his concerns about broad based inflation.  He sees the current low discount rate as an accomodation to a politica...
Stormy skies are the norm in Tucson, Arizona right now.  It happens every year during the monsoon season.  The streets and washes flood, and a few idiots decide to risk driving through the water, even though common sense tells them not to.  Signs tell them to turn around.  In they go, confident t...

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