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Active Rain is home to some fine musicians.  Real Estate and the professions that support it seem to attract some very creative people. In my humble opinion, any group worth its salt needs a fiddle player.  Larry Morris is ours, and he can make that electric fiddle talk!  The four of us were prac...
The Old Pueblo used to be considered a quiet, dusty sort of town, known more for climate than for commerce. That hasn't been the case for quite a while, now.  Ranked by population, the city of Tucson, Arizona now tops Atlanta, GA, Sacramento, CA Cleveland, OH Kansas City, MO Miami, FL Minneapolis...
              2:30 a.m. on Wednesday, January 30, 2008:  While 68,657 of you are asleep in your beds, 25 of us are cruising your blogs, looking for inspiration, encouragement, insight, and laughs.  12 are insane enough to have clicked the little button that lets others see when we're online.  (F...
Locals know it's here.  Birders, anyhow.  It's called the Sweetwater Wetlands, and it's just west of the interstate (I-10) off the west frontage road.  The Sweetwater Wetlands ecosystem has 11 ponds lined with cottonwood trees, and surrounded by cattails, stands of saltbush and bullrushes.  Sweet...
Kudos to Chris Drayer, Active Rain member from Shawnee, Kansas, who wrote a post about this video clip.  AR's Mike Jaquish in Cary, North Carolina (I subscribe to Mike's blog) mentioned it in a post, and has been sending it to everyone he knows.  That's how I found it.There's a deep seated need i...
This is for Kevin Wood, (Active Rain Newbie,) and Jeff Turner, two people who need to do business together.  The listing in the Real Estate Show I've created below is Kevin's; I lifted his photos off MLS and created it for him, with his permission.IMHO, Real Estate Shows is just fantastic.  Activ...
  The retired couple sitting in my office were incredulous.  They had: photos,  architect drawn plans, and a loan denial letter from a local bank. "We own the property free and clear," said the husband.  "We bought it as is, and we also bought the rights to the plans." He was a builder from out o...
The cap belongs to a regular.  Regular panhandler, that is.  He's good at what he does for a living, and I've come to watch for his latest pitch.  The man works several areas on the west side of town.  The thing that interests me is his adaptability and willingness to try something different. "Wh...
High visibility, low cost per view.  Intersections are a great place to advertise.  The usual fare is a cardboard box advertising a yard sale.  This wasn't your usual sign.  This one got my attention.  Target market:  A good lawyer.  Incentive to call?  Up to half a million dollars if you win the...
The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is just around the corner.  People will be arriving from all points around the globe to buy and sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of precious stones, dinosaur bones and assorted expensive paraphanalia.I thought I'd set the tone by introducing you to a very...

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