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Greg (one of our tribe of five) and I had driven from Tucson to Picacho to climb Picacho Peak last Saturday.  Greg's a commercial fisherman from Barnegat Light, NJ.  Picacho Peak looks as if it would take a mountain climber to scale the height, but looks are deceiving.  In the 1940s, there was a ...
Our BNI chapter meets every Wednesday for lunch.  We gather specifically for the purpose of referring business to each other.  Sean McMillan is our Sugar Daddy!  No one in the chapter has any trouble referring themselves and their friends to this little gem of a business on the southeast corner o...
A helping hand?  (We're your elected officials, and we're here to help...)  By converting preferred stock to common stock, your government now owns 36% of Citibank.  Like the rest of the "good news" from our stab-in-the-dark, blindfolded congress, this won't be good.  Not for you the taxpayer, no...
Spring's coming in the desert.  You can smell it at dawn.  Birds are starting to nest, and the males are calling up a racket.  It's a wonderful time to live here. Tucson Estates II is a gated community of 600 or so homes nestled on the west flank of the Tucson Mountains.  The noise and bustle of...
We all make business and personal finance decisions every day.  What to buy, what not to buy.  What to put off, like replacing the tranny after 130,000 miles on the Ford Explorer. If you're making a decision on whether to (1) buy a home, or (2) refinance the one you have, here are a few bullet po...
I haven't been blogging for nearly a week, and I have to say, I miss the Rain.  My camera hasn't had a break, though.  This evening, driving home from the third closing in as many days, (yay!!) I was singing as I came up the Ajo pass on my way home.  Do you ever do that?  Just break into song be...
He's been out of the world of competitive play for nearly a year.  Tiger announced this week that he's fit to play, and he's chosen the World Golf Championship Accenture Match Play in Marana (a Tucson suburb,) to make his debut. What has he missed most in the past year?  "The competition." Tiger'...
                Our Congress passed the Bail Out Bill in the middle of the night, having never read the damn thing.  Nancy Pelosi is famous for having told us "Everything I do is for the children." Thanks on behalf of the children, Nancy! I'm reminded of the carpetbaggers in the South following ...
This happened last night on my way home from work, and the business application to the story hit me like a ton of bricks.  I've got to pay attention if I'm to navigate this real estate market and survive.  We're talking survival here.  Staying alive.  Reaching our objectives.  Paying the bills an...
The local news had been trumpeting the forecast for two or three days.  Snow's coming. White flakes.  Temperature in the 40s all day.  It's not often that Tucson schools have a snow day, so we all thought we were pretty big stuff. Idiots like me were stopped along the highways taking pictures.  S...

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