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...what's on the other side? When I noticed the FOR SALE sign go up on a remarkable home in our little community of Tucson Estates II, my interest was piqued.   (Finally, I'm going to get to see what's behind that gate!) I'll tell you what's behind the gate...  next time.  Tucson Mountain Park S...
Driving home by way of Gates Pass, (my favorite cut through the Tucson Mountains,) I saw an unusual vehicle way down below me. What I saw first was its crown of bicycles.  I had no idea until this afternoon that one van could transport so many bicycles.  There's a pull-off and parking lot at the...
The funniest comment I ever heard in response to "Walk this way..." was made by my Grandpa, who lived on the eastern shore of Virginia.  He was taking us out to a favorite seafood restaurant for soft-shelled crabs. The hostess invited us to follow her, saying "Please walk this way."  "Honey, if ...
The bond market lost ground this week, and historically low interest rates evaporated.  Tim Geithner stuck his foot in his mouth and the US Dollar lost 1.3% of its value in ten minutes.  Everyone seems to be on eggshells. So I put on the hiking shoes yesterday, donned a hat to protect my bald sp...
Lenn Harley's post yesterday merits your attention, especially if your clients are buying short sales. Lenn concludes that "Banks think they're selling RETAIL rather than RESALE."   Banks don't know how to sell. Case in point: I stopped into a Big Bank yesterday to cash a check.  The lobby was ne...
I know we're a real-estate-related community, and at first blush, this wouldn't look like a real-estate-related post.  At first blush, I said... The essence of buying a home is attraction.  One neighbor told me that she made the decision to buy a particular house in our neighborhood because of a...
The white structures on the mountain are the telescopes of the Kitt Peak National Observatory.  That mountain ridge is 75 miles from where we're standing.  It doesn't look it, does it?  Wikipedia describes Kitt Peak: "With 23 telescopes, it is the largest, most diverse gathering of astronomical ...
Whether in Tucson or in the Maritime provinces of Canada, there's a sense of renewal at the beginning of spring.  In Tucson, it's carrying over to the real estate market. We're financing purchases at a faster pace than at any time in the last twelve months.  That is SO encouraging to me, as it i...
Rutgers (NJ) University Press is the publisher of A History of Interest Rates by Homer & Sylla.  Google it and you can buy it on Amazon.  According to the authors, the average mortgage rate in 1945 was 4.7%.  I'm no youngster, and I came along in '48. 4.7% for a 30 year fixed rate?  I locked a cl...
Geographically, Tucson is huge.  900 square miles--30 miles by 30 miles.  The city itself isn't that big, but the Tucson basin is fully developed, and is surrounded by four mountain ranges. To the west, the Tucson Mountains. To the east, the Rincons. To the north, the Santa Catalinas, and To the...

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