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Is it an island in the midst of a calm sea at sunset?  Nope!  Light deceives the eye, and at dusk, this Arizona copper mine looks almost ethereal, doesn't it?  Look closely at the bottom edge of the photo, and you'll see buildings at the base of the copper mine.  The tailings wrap around the hil...
My Darlin' sold magazine subscriptions when she was a girl.  She always won first place in the contest because she was innovative.  She got permission to walk home from school while the rest of the kids took the schoolbus.  She knocked on most doors first - before the rest of the kids, who were g...
9/11 - Look for interest rates to be unusually good today. Here's why: 1.  Demand for Treasury bonds is outstripping record supply.  The world's on edge as jittery traders see a deteriorating economic and political climate.  Yesterday's 30 year bond auction saw bids for nearly three times the 12 ...
Brian Buffini? Tony Robbins? Todd Duncan?  Which system provides the best outcome for business? I don't know about you, but deep down, my everyday struggle is not with finding a business plan.  It's with consistency.  Consistently using the structure I've chosen and sticking to it. Jeff Packard, ...
"...lending them minutes, and charging them years."  Two decades flashed by in an instant as this man sat down at the next table. I reached for my camera. Early morning, and I was at Starbucks.  Two men sat down to read the morning paper, one inside the store, and the other outside.  I did a dou...
Desert Storm on Labor Day, 2009:  Hiking in the Tucson Mountains, I followed the progression of a desert thunderstorm from its early stage (right) to its maturity (above.)  The remains of Hurricane Jimena have left significant moisture in the air here in Tucson over the past four days. Combine t...
Broker Bryant has made it his business to become the expert in the field of Short Sales.  We all make jokes about the oxymoron "Short Sales," but BB 's post (reblogged here for Tucson Agents and Sellers, gives us real tools.  Sharp tools.  Better tools. Someone told me "your mouth is not a sales ...
I drove to Benson, AZ yesterday to visit with a client.  Benson is more rural than Tucson, and the early-morning drive east on Interstate 10 was enjoyable.  Turning south at my destination, I crossed a cattle guard near Cochise College.  The monsoon rains had provided moisture enough for this pl...

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