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We spent the day in the Phoenix area, visiting family.  It's a hike from Tucson all the way northwest to Thunderbird at the 101, so we began the trek home at about four in the afternoon, trying to get home before dark.  When we hit Picacho Peak, though, I turned off of Interstate 10 to visit the ...
My Darlin' and I have lived here in the Tucson Mountains for more than a decade.  She's a transplanted Jersey Shore girl, and I've lived all over the western hemisphere.  Our neighbors hail from locales as diverse as Cook Inlet, Alaska, Vancouver, British Columbia and the American Midwest.  What ...
Few cities in the United States cover more territory than Tucson.  The volcanic valley floor seen above is roughly 30 miles square.  That's 900 square miles.  And it doesn't include the surrounding communities that comprise the metro area of Tucson.  Those include Sahuarita and Green Valley to t...
It's the county seat of Pima County in Southern Arizona.  Second largest city in Arizona.  Great golf.  An hour from Mexico. That's what most people know about Tucson, AZ.  There's a whole lot more, and I'd like to introduce you to the city that captivated my Darlin' and me [no, it's not "I"] mor...
Don't click on the bar to the left in the video.  Nothing will happen.  It's not a video clip; it's just a screenshot of the video as it first appears on my computer screen.  It illustrates a problem that's kept me from joining the Flip Video crowd, though.  Namely, how to edit the beginning and ...
  Up, upand away!My beautiful,my beautifulballoon! It never fails to make me smile when I see the RE/MAX balloon flying over Tucson, AZ! I wonder every time, "who is in that balloon?" Do they take prospective clients up?  RE/MAX agents who made top 10? Homeowners who just purchased a million doll...
Warren Buffett is no dummy, and where are his real estate dollars invested? 1.  In local real estate companies around the nation with strong local brands, and 2.  In companies which produce manufactured homes. Cavco isn't one of Buffett's companies, but with factories in Phoenix and Tempe, it pro...
It's the best burger in Tucson, bar none.  (That's not a brand; the brand is Bar Nun, but that's another post.) Head north on Oracle Rd, and this western hangout will be on your right. The food is great, the service is awesome, and the ambiance will bring you back time and again. The menu isn't l...
I took the photo just to prove to myself that it is possible to roll out of bed at 5:00 in the morning and get walking.  I need to keep doing that, and blogging about it will keep my focused. Just now, my phone rang.  My younger brother back east told me that he's getting out of the house at 5:00...
Sure we have money.  Your congress gave it to us.  Billions and Billions, just like McDonalds hamburgers.  Since it's our money, what we do with it is up to us, not you. What we invest in is our business, not yours.  Don't like the way that sounds?  Tough.  Somebody's got to be in charge, and it ...

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