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It's called the White Dove of the desert.  San Xavier del Bac Mission, just south of Tucson, Arizona is one of the oldest continuously used structures in the West.  I believe it's the oldest continually used Catholic Church in the United States.  Construction began in 1783, and the mission was c...
The composition of the photo says "Halloween" to me.  I was hiking in the desert this evening at sunset, and came upon this abandoned structure.  The roof is gone, but most of the structure is still standing. I shot several photos, and when I got back to the computer and downloaded them, this on...
The first rule for a successful seminar?  Find out what your desired audience is interested in, and then place yourself squarely in their sights. It has to be all about THEM. Darlin' and I were driving down the road on vacation in Canada when this wonderfully visual illustration presented itself...
I'm fascinated by these petroglyphs.  So much so, in fact, that you may be getting bored with them if you're a long time reader of my blog.  (This is the fourth or fifth post in the last month centered around these ancient drawings in stone.) The Active Rain Real Estate Network facilitates commu...
An old mentor (now deceased) told me that images should engage the mind in order to make advertising memorable.  I want my readers to remember Tucson, even if you've never been here. For a millenium at least, indigenous people as well as johnny-come-latelys have watched the full moon rise over t...
My folks lived in Clavarack, New York for three decades.  When I'd go visit them, I got used to seeing concrete statues of deer people had placed in their front yards. I never understood the desire to do that.  I'd much rather have my back yard graced by the presence of living, breathing statues...
Don Ross is the owner of Designs In Steel, a Tucson company that designs, fabricates, and installs some of the coolest functional art you've ever seen. Quiet, unassuming, and tremendously competent, he's just the kind of person you want to hire to create a blend of beauty and functionality for y...
What does the rise in gold prices mean for your real estate business? You're a real estate agent.  You've survived thus far in one of the most difficult periods in the real estate industry since the word REALTOR was trademarked back in 1950.  Many of your colleagues have left the industry because...
This was this evening on my way home.  It's a quiet drive up Gates Pass Road.  And then, 10 minutes later... ___________________ I'm Mike in Tucson, your preferred Tucson, AZ Mortgage lender. SUNSTREET MORTGAGECall me if I can help you or someone you know with a purchase or refi mortgage.(520) 3...
We denizens of the southwest often refer to ourselves as "Desert Rats."  I didn't think much about that until this week, when I had to park my Explorer down the street because our homeowners association was resurfacing our streets. The next morning I walked down to my car (parked next to an unimp...

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