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As the Verde Canyon Train snaked its way north through the valley from Clarkdale, hugging the canyon wall, I was definitely not in my seat!  The vistas from the comfortable passenger cars are spectacular, but you can't look up.  Between the enclosed passenger cars on the Verde Canyon Railroad ar...
Arizona is one of the world's open books when it comes to geology.  An author friend of mine, Davis Young, retired to Arizona from his home in Pennsylvania specifically because the geology (his subject as a professor) is so diverse. My Darlin' and I spent a Christmas getaway weekend in Prescott,...
Okay.  Not totally speechless...  although the view from the train was more than magnificent!  The awesome beauty of Arizona's "other Grand Canyon" made for one of the most memorable Christmas season's I've seen in six decades!  I'll share more with you in this week preceding the new year. We're...
Merry Christmas! Tucson isn't known for it's snow-covered scenery, so we took off for a few days to northern Arizona to see what we're missing.  We're staying in Prescott, and the view from our hotel room is a blanket of snow, although the roads are clear.  Yesterday, we drove the scenic route t...
While everyone's thinking of the holiday season, interest rates have crept back up.  Six months ago, I predicted that rates could hit 6% by Christmas.  They're not there yet, but the 10 year bond (an indicator of mortgage rate direction) today closed with a yield of 3.72%, the highest it's been s...
You know by now (if you're a regular reader of this blog) that I speak plainly, say what I mean, and mean what I say.  My credo as a lender is this: "I show up on time.  I do what I say I'm going to do.  I finish what I start.  And if I mess up, I 'fess up and fix it." Governor Brewer of Arizona ...
I used to tell my kids "Life's not fair." Not that I mind... While the east coast is trying to dig out of the biggest snowstorm in recent memory, I spent my Saturday afternoon hiking in the desert behind our home in the Tucson Mountains.  Days like this--when we don't worry about owning a snow s...
The lending industry is falling apart.  What can you do as a buyer's agent to make sure it doesn't hurt you or your buyer?  You can demand three things. 1.  Demand Accountability Your work, your reputation and your marketing dollars brought you a buyer.  You refer that buyer to your lender for pr...
Remember Sunday School?  The story of Moses and the burning bush?  That's what I thought of immediately when I topped a rise in the Ironwood National Monument with my Ford Explorer, and saw this panorama. I had to pull off the dirt track and capture it in a photo. That's Ragged Top Mountain on t...
Please welcome my friend Carrie Strom to the Active Rain Real Estate Network.  Carrie is the broker for Precious Homes Realty.  One of those two bulldogs has something to do with the name of the Realty Company, but I'll point the way to Carrie's first post, and she'll tell you "the rest of the s...

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