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~ Listen to Me! ~ "If only I could get my customer to listen to me..."  The complaint is common with new agents.  Fresh from Real Estate School, and with the Examination under their belt and the framed license on the wall, they venture out into the world of commission-only sales. (Oh, I know you...
~ Desert Find ~ That's my hiking glove next to the rock for perspective.  I have big hands.  The exterior of this rock is melted, and at first, I thought it might be metallic.  It's not. It's very dense and heavy.  The coloring looks like native copper, but it's not metal. The world's full of my...
  ~ Gambel's Quail ~   We had dinner Sunday afternoon with friends up in Oro Valley (NW of Tucson.)  After a scrumptious meal, we all sat outside taking in the view of Pusch Ridge.  I naturally had my camera with me.  It's spring in the desert, and this male Gambel's quail is looking for a mate....
~ Hummingbird Food ~ Some years, the desert floor is covered with wildflowers: lupine, mexican poppy, and others.  This year, that didn't happen.  I don't know why. Regardless, and right on cue, the Ocotillo plants, which look for all the world like a bunch of dead sticks, pushed out their red f...
Are you working with foreign buyers?  Let's say that English is difficult for them, so you try to compensate by using one of the many free translation services on the internet. That free software translation service may not be saying what you intend to communicate.  Of course, you don't speak you...
Thank you, Gabrielle Rhind!  I was looking for that comment to take me over the 600K milestone, and you provided it.  We have a great bunch of Rainers here in Tucson! Milestones need celebrating.  Little things keep me on track, and make up for the dry periods when I think about giving up bloggin...
~ Rainy March Monday in the Desert ~ Oh, I know you like my colorful photos of the sunset with deep golds, reds and purples.  THIS, however, is the type of evening that makes us dance in the desert.  We dance in the rain! I paid to run my car through the carwash this morning, and from the look o...
~ Super Moon Over the Tucson Mountains ~ _____________________ I'm Mike in Tucson, your preferred Tucson Arizona Mortgage Lender. NMLS #223495 SUNSTREET MORTGAGE llc ~ Correspondent Mortgage BankOffices (AZ) Mesa, Tucson, Sierra Vista, and Nogales. (I don't copyright my photos anymore. I use the...
~ A View of the Tucson Mountains ~ Starr Ridge at Tucson Mountain Park ~ Rising Moon ~ (the view from the back yard of that house in the first photo) Location?  Location.  Location!  Money's inexpensive, and so are homes in the Tucson Mountains right now.  Call your favorite REALTOR and drive in...
Interest rates may hit their lowest point since November 2010. The Federal Reserve Bank this morning cancelled their bond auction, catching the Bond Market by surprise.  Initially, there was an official "No Comment" on the cancellation by the Fed, but shortly thereafter, the reason was given as "...

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