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It's been four days without Rain, and I'm getting parched. The cool thing about a good habit is that when you don't do it, you begin to feel out of step with your world.  I take that back.  I begin to feel out of step with my world. I'm like that bee on the right, looking for nourishment and carr...
"Some analysts think the U.S. markets can weather the storm of higher oil prices. But Bank of America Merrill Lynch is doing them one better: They see higher oil prices as a “net positive” for their bullish outlook."  Dave Kansas $2,000 per month gas bill A loan officer friend of mine at Sunstree...
~ Bathroom Stall Door, Denver Zoo Men's Room ~ With apologies to my friend Missy Caulk... I've been browsing blogs on Active Rain and Facebook this evening, and I came across more than one post regarding an unlikely lawsuit involving the use of the Zebra as a trademark. Inna Hardison's post on t...
~ Hiking Treasure ~ In Arizona, if you see clouds in the western sky half an hour before sunset, you know you're in for a beautiful evening.  Last night's sunset in the Tucson Mountains looked just like this. If you're a facebooker, check out the photos on my Tucson Mountain Park non-profit page...
Whatever happened to Localism? I woke up at 2:00 a.m. (which is getting to be more normal than I would like) and did what all Late-Night-Rainers do.  I went to the computer. Tonight, I decided to work on updating some of my old posts ~ the ones written back before I knew anything about links, ta...

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