arizona mortgage: AWESOMESAUCE!! - 11/15/17 06:46 AM
Early is the most beautiful time of the day!  I'm up earlier than most, and with my iPhone, the workday fits into my love of Arizona photo ops.
It was 6:00 A.M., and my phone went "DING."  I looked at it, and read:
The status of loan number 1010008589, for Jane Doe (not her real name) and is currently assigned to Mike Jones, has been set to Docs Out by Lisa B... on 11/15/2017 5:59:15 AM
Who works that hard?! 
The answer?  My awesome support team at Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC. 
Want to know why the big banks take 45 to 60 days to close a loan … (5 comments)

arizona mortgage: Here's Why You Want To Call Arizona "HOME" - 08/05/12 03:43 PM

~ Tucson Mountain Sunset ~
I never tire of this view!  Giant Saguaro Cacti, the predominant tree of the Arizona Sonoran Desert, stand sillhouetted against the horizon as the last rays of the setting sun paint the sky with color.
There's beauty in every corner of this earth, but this spot is home.
I'm Mike in Tucson, your preferred Tucson Arizona Mortgage Lender
NMLS #223495
SUNSTREET MORTGAGE LLC ~ Correspondent Mortgage Bank
Offices in Mesa, Tucson, Sierra Vista & Nogales
This is my photo, but I want to share it with you.
Right click on my image, copy and … (13 comments)

arizona mortgage: CONGRATULATIONS ACTIVE RAIN! 200,000 MEMBERS! - 01/16/11 10:04 PM

Active Rain just hit a milestone ~ 200,000 members!
I've been keeping an eye on this number as it moved up, and was guessing that we wouldn't hit this number until Valentine's day.
When I joined (with 100 total points,) in July of 2007, there were 41,000 real-estate-related professionals in this wonderful community.  (EDIT: I may have that number wrong; see Mike Jaquish's comment below)
How did I find AR?  I found it in an article on Inman News.  Reading that article, I thought to myself "I'll bet I can do this.  I wonder if it will bring me … (20 comments)

arizona mortgage: Identify This Red Billed Hummingbird - 04/24/10 05:04 PM

After the rain yesterday, today was just perfect for a picnic.  My Darlin' and I headed south to Madera Canyon.  Just east of the town of Green Valley, AZ, it's part of the Coronado National Forest, and a haven for all sorts of birds, and especially hummingbirds.  Right now the red flames (right) on the end of our desert ocotillos provide food for hummers migrating north. 
There is a beautiful little gift shop halfway up the canyon, and that's where I captured a photo of this little hummingbird.
Will someone please identify him?
Click the Send Out Cards logo.  … (25 comments)

arizona mortgage: Interest Rates Haven't Been This Low Since Smoking Joe Frazier was Boxing's Heavyweight Champion! - 12/19/08 12:39 AM
The last time interest rates on fixed rate, 30 year mortgages were this low, Joe Frazier was still the World Heavyweight Champion, and the main contender was still known as Cassius Clay.
Freddy Mac's weekly mortgage rate survey began in April of 1971.  During that time, 30 year fixed rates have never been lower than they are right now.  Never!
It's the best news you can imagine if you're in the market to refinance your present mortgage, or if you're in the market to buy a home.
That's not to say that there won't be hurdles.  The very best rates are … (30 comments)

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