caddo: Caddo, Oklahoma: Marilyn Monroe Moment - 04/19/11 05:18 AM

~ Scissortail ~
Marilyn Monroe Moment
The Scissortail is Oklahoma's State Bird. I caught this one's "Marilyn Monroe Moment" and tailwind recovery on the perimeter of a pasture on GlenMar Ranch in Caddo, Oklahoma.
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caddo: Spectacular Weather Front At GlenMar Ranch, Caddo, OK - 04/04/10 04:32 PM

Friday afternoon the Colonel picked me up at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. 
Tucson was cold when I boarded the plane at 6:45 a.m., much colder than it had been only a day ago.  It was raining in Dallas when we landed, but as we drove up Interstate 75 and crossed the Red River into Oklahoma, the sky was clearing to the west.  To the east, however, that squall line you see above was forming as the sun set in the west.
The Colonel, retired USAF, spent a career flying military transports around the globe.  Looking out the window to the … (28 comments)

caddo: Blogging from GlenMar Ranch, Caddo, OK (Part 2) - 04/20/09 01:34 PM
Lenn Harley got to laughing at me "working cows."  I told Bessie here, and she took exception.  I shoulda' had video with a sound track!  (You can imagine what she's saying!)

We had a lightning show the first night we were here (Saturday) and I got a lucky shot of one of the clouds backlit by a bolt of lightning.
Three of us started out this morning at 7:00 a.m.  We worked the replacement heifers on the Eighty. 
They get number tags in the left ear to identify them, and that orange tag in the right ear is called a "fly … (21 comments)

caddo: Part 5 of 5 Ranch Photos from Mike in Tucson - 04/19/08 02:57 PM
You're looking at history.  The creekbed is solid limestone, a layer geologists call the Goodland layer.  It runs through the GlenMar Ranch in Caddo, OK.
My Darlin' and I spent a day together, walking the creek, looking carefully at the limestone beneath our feet.  It had just rained the night before, and the creek was flowing.
We were looking for a specific fossil, an ancient animal that lived under the sea.  It's called an Ammonite.  Most of them are two or three inches in diameter. 
Bigger Ammonites existed, though.  I've seen fossilized Ammonites the size of steering wheels at the Tucson Gem and Mineral … (19 comments)

caddo: Part 4 of 5 Ranch Photos from Mike in Tucson - 04/19/08 02:32 PM
No one has written a history of the rock post.  They anchor barbed wire fences on most of the ranches in southeastern Oklahoma.  This post on your left is a typical rock post along Route 22 between Caddo & Kenefic.
The Colonel isn't a typical rancher.  He's made his rock posts into works of art, as evidenced by this post on the right.  It graces a fence corner near the house and barn.
Folks wondered for a long time if the dark rocks were painted.  They're not.
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caddo: Part 3 of 5 Ranch Photos from Mike in Tucson - 04/19/08 02:15 PM
Pastures in Southeastern Oklahoma are full of rocks.  Ancient rocks, actually.  There's one layer of rock called Kiamichi.  Pieces of the layer are laying in the pasture there on your left. 
Look closely, and you'll see fossilized oyster shells from way back when.  The entire place used to be at the bottom of a sea. 
That's the subject for another post, though.  Snakes live under these rocks.  Some of them are poisonous Copperheads.  Others just look like Copperheads.  This young corn snake is a look-alike.  The similarity is designed to keep predators away from the snake.  In this case, however, the similarity … (9 comments)

caddo: Part 2 of 5 Ranch Photos from Mike in Tucson - 04/19/08 01:48 PM
Southeastern Oklahoma is blooming with color by the beginning of the third week of the month.  That's when my Darlin' and I visit GlenMar Ranch in the little town of Caddo, OK. 
My friend the Colonel (pronounce that KerNel if you're not a military type) spends many hours during this period of spring behind the lens of his camera. 
He's documented many of the wildflowers that color the creek bottoms and pastures.  Most of them are unidentified, since one person's wildflower is another person's weed. 
Most ranchers wouldn't care.  The colonel, though, is an artist at heart, in my humble opinion.   … (9 comments)

caddo: From the Ranch in Caddo, OK - 04/16/08 01:38 AM
Haven't seen you for awhile!  That might be what she's bawling at me. 
We've been having a good old time getting the herd worked.  Lots of pictures, and some good posts will come out of this. 
Caddo, OK is so small that the main street doesn't have a traffic light.
Local word is that Clint Eastwood looked into buying property on Main Street some years back.  Values might have improved if that had happened, but it didn't pan out.
WiFi is available in Sherman, Texas, which is where I am early this morning, as I have a loan lock that needs extending. 
Best … (15 comments)

caddo: Part 1 of 5 Ranch Photos from Mike in Tucson - 04/11/08 05:20 PM
We drove 600 miles today--Tucson to Midland TX, so we're half way to Caddo, OK.  Since we've been working this herd together for so long, we consider our friends on Glen Mar Ranch to be family.
The hotel has internet access, so I'm blogging.  Thanks to all of you for your comments on the RES post this morning; I'll reciprocate at some future date. 
In the meantime, this is what a stampede looks like from wrong end.  You don't want to be in front of the herd!  This photo was taken in 2003, when I was young and inexperienced.  LOL
I'm Mike in … (22 comments)

caddo: Balance in Life: It's Time for the Annual Roundup in Caddo, OK - 04/11/08 02:20 AM
Mike in Tucson will be less visible on the blogosphere for the next ten days.  I'll be working cattle. 
"Well, who will you get to help work cattle in the spring?"  I put the question to my friends Dick and Olivia in early 1995.  Dick, having retired from the Air Force, had decided to ramrod a cow/calf operation on Glen Mar Ranch in Caddo, OK.  The ranch has been in Olivia's family for four generations.
"I guess I'll hire someone," was the reply.  "Don't hire anyone this year," I answered.  "I'll take a vacation and we'll work the cattle together."  As a kid, between high school and college, … (24 comments)

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