statcounter: For Newbies and AR Veterans Alike: Installing StatCounter on Your AR Blog - 02/12/08 07:35 AM
"I do what I say I'm going to do!"  That's part of my motto, and I'm making good on a promise I made last week in my post For Newbies Only: Find Out Who's Visiting Your Blog with StatCounter. 
You can view a live demo of StatCounter first, if you wish.  Click here to check it out.  (The page will open in another window.)  If you like it, come back for the tutorial.  It's so easy to install, even I can do it!
1.  Open Active Rain to your Home Page.
2.  Click on My Settings. 
3.  In a new tab (Internet Explorer) or a new … (160 comments)

statcounter: For Newbies Only: Find Out Who's Visiting Your Blog with StatCounter - 02/06/08 12:16 AM
It's called StatCounter, and it's free at  Free, that is, for records of the last 500 visitors to your blog.  You can find out where they came from, how long they stayed, how many times they've visited, and more.  Even better, you can discover the keyword search, and the search engine, that brought them to your blog.  They don't have to comment on your blog for all this to happen.  They just have to show up.
I find this real useful.  It's also encouraging.  New Rainers sometimes get discouraged at the lack of comments, and think that no one's reading their stuff.  … (52 comments)

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