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I love Spring and I have been re-blogging great pics that feature Spring all week.  Here is another wonderful pic.     ─── For more information on my coaching and educational programs and services, visit my website or go to my other blog for additional sal...
This is so cool, the Texas Road Runner, photo by my friend Robin, great Realtor and excellent photographer.  Enjoy!Isn't she a beauty? I quickly snapped off four photos of her as she paused on my deck to eye me, but this is the only one that turned out. A few seconds later, she raced for the fenc...
My friend Robin calls this Spring Blooms in her yard, I call it the beauty of South Texas from a true organic gardener.  Robin does not use any chems etc., just natural beauty and methods in her yard.  Enjoy the show and get inspired to plant a few flowers!It's not officially spring yet, but ther...
Check out this pic, I just love Cardinals.Colorful Wildlife - Friday Foto My friend merrill is still in Mexico snapping pictures at everything that moves. here is a little something interesting enough for me to pass along.  This posting and the contents written here are the intellectual property ...
Great photos from our friend in Kerrville, Enjoy!This one picture of the young white tail buck and the white wing dove appear as if they are great friends.  The Painted Bunting taking a meal out of the on ground bird feeder is such a colorful bird it has the same colors as some of the wild parrot...
Informative post from my friend Larry, make sure your donations go to the right place! Like a lot of people, I thought that my donations to the National Humane Society would work it's way through the system and come back to help abused and neglected pets throughout the country. I was wrong. I sca...
This is a funny (sad but true) blog from Greg.  Enjoy!Here are 10 ways you can find yourself out of business within 12 months. There are many others, but these are on my mind as of today, Sunday.   1. Use your commission as a tool to get more clients. When you buy your clients you send the messag...

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