customer service: By Donna Mitchell - Bailout Baloney - Things you need to know if Buying or Selling in Missouri - 10/02/08 02:19 PM
To say we are living in turbulent times is probably an understatement right now, today.The world is changing, the economy is changing right before our eyes. There is so much information out there - on the local news, on the cable stations, on the Internet and in print.
Where do you go? Who do you believe? What does it all mean?
I try to find a variety of sources to supplement my understanding of the issues. Blogs can be a great source of information.

Below is a blog post by Donna Mitchell, a Home Loan Consultant with Countrywide Home … (3 comments)

customer service: Summing it all up: New Tax Credit For "First Time Home Buyers" - 09/13/08 02:20 PM
Since the start of the new Housing Bill is just around the corner - October 1st, 2008 - the buzz has begun. I am now starting to have people ask questions and begin conversations about H.R. 3221 - tax credits for "First Time Home Buyers."
Most are shocked -as I was am - a first time home buyer is an individual that has not had ownership interest in a home in the previous three years. I expected the time frame to be much longer than thirty-six months.
George Souto is a mortgage guru working in Connecticut. He does mention "Bond Money" which is … (7 comments)

customer service: Saying good-bye to our elementary school principle AND real estate - Conway, MO - 07/03/08 01:26 PM

I've written this post a hundred times in my mind. It's been six weeks and I still can't get it down, not really.It's too hard to say good bye.May 23rd was our last day of regular school at Conway Elementary in Conway, Missouri. The following Tuesday, we started summer school and today, the 3rd of July, our summer school came to a close. Our long time principle is now officially retired. We said our good byes, teary eyed.

I don't think Mr. Hibbs will be surprised should he read this post - I think he would expect me … (3 comments)

customer service: Not the response I thought I would recieve: "I'm Sorry!" - 04/23/08 08:00 AM
I recently discovered a blog written by Seth Godwin after reading a post by Mariana Wagner.After reading just one entry I was hooked and subscribed to Seth's feed. Today, Seth had a post entitled "You're Right!" - You can read the post HERE.Seth had a baaadd experience at a parking garage, wrote a complaint letter and received the following response: Sir, it really was your fault this happened to you!Really? His post struck a cord with me - I've recently complained to two different companies, and I received two totally different responses. My first complaint was with an out of state mortgage … (7 comments)

customer service: What? How LONG to go through under writing? - 03/28/08 01:29 PM
Back on February 23rd, I put one of my listings under contract, pending loan approval. I was assured by the buyer that he had already talked to his lender and in fact had purchased his last home through this same lender.
The lender is on the East Coast, the property being purchased is in Missouri. The buyer was planning on obtaining a VA loan.
Our first hurdle was the appraisal - the subject property is a Morton building turned into a very nice home. But a metal building none the less. We jumped this hurdle just fine.
The next hurdle was an … (10 comments)

customer service: The days of "Go-Giver" - 03/24/08 02:16 PM
I am reading the original 1937 version of "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.
If you're wondering why the book sounds familiar, this book is the part of the foundation for the phenomenon "The Secret."
I was struck by a certain passage and couldn't help but compare the words of 1937 to the world of real estate today:
"...the majority of people who live by the sale of personal services make themistake of considering themselves free from the rules of conduct and theresponsibilities attached to those who are engaged in marketing commodities...The day of the "go-getter" has passed. He has been supplanted … (6 comments)

customer service: This is why I do what I do ... FAMILY... the final piece of the puzzle - 01/25/08 12:26 PM
When I first read Melissa Grant's challenge: "Write about the most defining and profound moment in your career." I thought, boy, this will be a breeze. I thought my defining moment came before I even entered the real estate arena:
In July of 1999 my husband and I came "down" to Missouri from our suburban home outside of Chicago. My parents had already bought property in Lebanon, MO and being the only child with the only grandchildren, my husband Ray and I decided to follow suit. Our plan: spend four days in Missouri looking for a home, making an offer and putting the process in … (8 comments)

customer service: - Search for a job in Missouri - 09/13/07 02:34 PM
Tonight, I showed a piece of commercial property for a fifth time, to the same couple. They had another investor couple with them. We toured the property, talked and looked around a little more.
As we wrapped up our showing, we talked about where we were from, what we had done in the past, and what we were doing now. The "new" couple had just moved to Marshfield, MO from Wyoming. The husband said, "We had to move where the jobs were."
I nodded and agreed.
In my day to day real estate activities I am often asked how the job market is here … (0 comments)

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