sellers: So.. How much WILL the Sellers take? - 03/17/09 02:13 PM
It's no secret that I love to list property, be it a home, land, commercial building or farm in South Central Missouri. There is something about looking at a property, taking photos, listing the features and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together until we get to the closing table. The process is rather addictive!
You may be surprised to learn the most popular question I receive as a listing agent - So... what is the Seller's bottom dollar? How low will they go?
Pat Kennedy sums up why, as a buyer, you can cross that question off your list … (2 comments)

sellers: Lebanon MO area real estate moving again... my buyers found out the hard way! - 03/06/09 12:22 PM
What an incredible day!I am working with a wonderful couple that have three daughters. They transferred to the Lebanon Missouri area a few years ago and have been renting since then. Feeling they will stay here, without another transfer in the near future, they decided to buy. They have been to the bank, they have been pre-approved and have money in the bank for a down payment. All the pieces are in place to make an offer on a home.Earlier this week, we looked at a foreclosure in Phillipsburg Missouri. Our choices have been some what limited as they want to stay in … (4 comments)

sellers: Four reasons to list and SELL your Misouri property NOW - 03/04/09 02:02 PM
Thinking of selling your Southwest Missouri property? Wait no more - do it now!This week I've spent a great deal of time talking to people about the First Time Homebuyer tax credit being offered by the Federal government as well as the Tax Advance program being offered by the State of Missouri. There have been a ton of questions and I'm loving every minute of it!While it's still early in the program, the buying public has taken note and is looking into their buying options. Here are four reasons I believe now is a great time to list your home to SELL:1. … (2 comments)

sellers: A happy reason to sell - 02/09/09 02:00 PM
I just had to share this with all my South West Missouri friends!
Sharon Simms, a Broker/Realtor in Florida is celebrating a new listing - for more reason than one. The Seller is selling because she is getting married.
Even though real estate seems to be changing daily before our eyes, there are good news stories out there! Not every home on the market is a short sale, a foreclosure or a hardship story. There are marraiges, births, retirements and job promotions too!
Let us help you celebrate!  United Country VIP Realty serves Dallas County, as well as Laclede, Webster and … (12 comments)

sellers: Fannie Mae Policy Changes - impact of Foreclosure and Short Sales on your credit - 01/28/09 03:22 PM
Yesterday,  I wrote a post talking about 5 tips when considering the short sale of your home. The post was written after a local home owner, wanting to move back to their old home state, considered a short sale or even allowing their home to go back to the bank via foreclosure.This homeowner never mentioned hardship or an inability to re-pay his loan. He merely wanted *out* of his current home.I've given this some thought over the last few days - I'm not sure why this home owner thinks a short sale or a foreclosure is an easy answer. Perhaps the … (1 comments)

sellers: Help for Buyers in Missouri: FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS $7,500 TAX CREDIT - 11/21/08 08:51 AM
Today has been a busy day! Busier than most this week. I talked to three people today regarding the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit of $7,500. So when I found this post by Lenn, I knew it was worth passing along.
There is talk of making this CREDIT a GIFT but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Even at a CREDIT this is good stuff.
See Lenn's post below - She provides a great link.
When you're ready to BUY in MISSOURI, give me a call at 417-533-4015 or feel free to email me at: If you're ready to SELL, … (1 comments)

sellers: Who is my audience? Who am I writing for? Buyers or Sellers? - 09/14/08 02:20 PM
A few days ago, I wrote a post Summing it all up: New Tax Credit For "First Time Home Buyers". In the post I referred back to a post written by George Souto, which summarized the New Tax Credit Bill, which goes into effect on October 1st. 2008.
One of the reasons I wrote the post: I was shocked that a First Time Home Buyer was defined as someone who has not owned interest in a home in the last three years. To me, that seemed like a very short time frame. I expected the time frame to be greater - … (10 comments)

sellers: Selling your Southwest Missouri Home? Selling Tip #1 - 08/16/08 03:17 PM
You've decided it's time to sell your Southwest Missouri home.
You've done some research and you've talked to family and friends. You've decided to call a REALTOR®, see what services they offer, what "price they charge" and what they think your home is worth. You've done a little homework.But, you can't stop there. There is more work to be done - your assignment book is not complete. As part of the listing process, there are three things you will need to do for me, your new listing agent from United Country VIP Realty: 1. Be clear in your motivation in … (12 comments)

sellers: 10 questions you shoud be asked when selling your Southwest Missouri Property - 07/12/08 04:00 PM
Keeping and filing important documents while living in your home can pay off when you go to sell. Serious buyers will ask questions about your home and your property.
Being able to answer a few questions can go a long way in assisting your Realtor in marketing your home and in keeping the interest of your buyer.Here are 10 questions your Realtor will probably ask you when listing your Southwest Missouri home:1. How much do you pay in property taxes? Do you have a copy of last years tax bill?2. How much does it cost to heat and cool your home? … (4 comments)

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