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Hello everyone on my last day I spent 12 hrs exploring as much as I possibly could and squeezing every last bit of fun I could. One of the places I visited was this exotic petting zoo. You could buy food for the different animals. Now I have fed a number of different kinds at Natural Bridge in Va...
Hello everyone-Now you all think I just went to Pigeon Forge last month. Well surprise, surprise I also went to Margaritaville, sampled Tennesee moonshine(maybe), even visited the Forbidden Caverns where the indians stayed and the moonshiners made their moonshine. I even saw the remants of their ...
Good morning everyone-On my adventure to pigeon Forge last month I had many different up close encounters with a host of birds that I have never seen before. One was this very large owl. I took a number of pics of him on a couple different settings plus I was trying to get him to look at me. What...
This is the first live crab I have ever seen and if you like this leggy fellow how about this guy below. I think I would paddle very fast if I was in the water with himThis jellyfish sure does look sad doesn't he?What you looking at Willis?Hard to hug doncha think?I found out a rather interesting...
Good evening everyone-On my trip to Pigeon Forge there was a place called the Island that had several things to do.  Arcades, stores, restaurants and amusement type activities. One place within this area called the Island made me INSTANTLY think of our friend Roger D. Mucci the fellow with the tw...
Hello everyone-Most of my regular readers know I had a kitty for 18 yrs.  Her name was Lindsey.  Lindsey was a gray tiger cat. She was a good kitty but she definitely had the "tiger" side in her. I lost Lindsey on March 5th 2012. It was very hard to lose her as any pet owner who has lost a pet kn...
Good morning everyone-I found out about this statue from one of the MANY booklets they have in Pigeon Forge so I had to go get a picture before I left. It was on my 12 hr running around squeezing in as much as I could the day before I left.  It was only about 10 min or so from the motel. Seems li...
This was another first on my Pigeon Forge trip. There was this place called the Apple Barn which has fresh apples and treats made from those fresh apples.  Apple pie is my fav kind of pie. I have had apple turnovers before and of course who doesn't like fresh apple cider and donuts but I indulged...
Hello everyone-As some of you know I took an eight day trip to Pigeon Forge Tennesee. I had eight fun filled days. I had several firsts on this trip. One was a carriage ride. It was a 15 min ride and the gal was really nice. It was all decorated for Christmas.  It was a night ride.  My pic turned...
Hello everyone-Tomorrow I am headed to Pigeon Forge Tenn for a 8 day get away. It is about a 6 hr trip or a bit more depending on if I need to stop often.  Now I have never been to Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg. I found out by looking that Gatlinburg is withing shouting distance of Pigeon Forge. I h...

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