electrician: How Many Wires Can be Stuffed.... - 01/12/12 02:16 PM
Apparently, a lot of wires can be stuffed into an electrical junction box... However, this installation doesn't meet the National Electrical Code requirements.
You could say, the more the merrier... But not in this situation.
Too many wires stuffed into a box can cause dangerous overheating, short-circuiting and fire. The NEC specifies minimum electrical junction box sizes to reduce this risk. What I'm talking about is 'box fill'.
Electrical junction boxes all have a certain volume that the wires can occupy. This junction box appears to be a 30 cubic inch volume size.
My recommendation was to recommend further review by a licensed … (4 comments)

electrician: Seeing Double - 12/19/11 03:10 PM
Double-wiring, also known as “double-lugging,” is a condition where there's two wires under one lug screw on a circuit breaker in an electrical panel.
The photo shows there are three instances of double-lugging in this electrical panel. Double-tapping typically occurs when a non-professional is adding an additional electrical circuit... and a new circuit breaker wasn't purchased or there's no room in the electrical panel for another circuit breaker.
Why is double wiring/lugging a problem?
A little technical talk now... If a wire becomes loose, it can arc. As it arcs, there is a buildup of carbon. Carbon creates resistance making it more … (6 comments)

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