insurance: Have you done a home insurance checkup lately? - 03/09/18 01:29 PM
Here are the things you need to reconsider when looking at your policy.
Do you own a home? If so, homeowner's insurance could be a real lifesaver in the event of an accident or disaster that involves your home. With standard homeowner's insurance, you are afforded many protections. First and foremost, your homeowner's insurance will help protect your home itself and the belongings within it in the event of a destructive event, like a flood or fire. Fortunately, homeowner's insurance is usually a package policy. This means that, in addition to protecting your home's structure and belongings in the event of one … (2 comments)

insurance: What is FHA mortgage insurance? - 02/13/18 12:40 PM
If you're a first-time home buyer, once you delve into the loan process, you might begin to feel like there are all sorts of hidden fees and factors that no one told you about before. There are the more obvious expenses, like the downpayment and closing costs, and then things you might not have considered before now, like mortgage insurance.
What is mortgage insurance?
Mortgage insurance is often required by lenders, especially if you’re putting down a relatively low downpayment in comparison to the home's price. It lowers the lender's risk that you might not pay back your full mortgage balance, and agreeing … (3 comments)