real estate plr: Real Estate Blogging: Never (really) 'Nuff Said - 10/18/16 12:37 AM
Our helpful friends at the NAR often champion  ActiveRain's mantra about the indisputable importance of regular blogging, so when I happened across this yesteday in'sDaily Real Estate News (their own blog) it was bracing— it is, after all, what we work to provide our Realtor subscribers:
"Organic search traffic: Content plays a big role in how your site ranks in search engines. “Producing more valuable content will help boost your domain authority, which is a measure of how likely your site is to rank highly in search engines, and producing targeted content helps you rank for specific keywords,” writes Forbes columnist … (3 comments)

real estate plr: It's Staylight Davings Time! - 03/12/13 01:53 AM
For those of us who always feel a little creeped out when it’s pitch black outside long before we head home (even when work ends early), it’s worth losing an hour’s sleep in order to nudge the sunset back a little.
They say Benjamin Franklin thought the idea up, and I don’t doubt it. Anyone who, like Ben in his Poor Richard days, scribbles away the daylight hours in cramped little rooms with only a dictionary or two for companionship, applaud messing with the clock if it means we won’t have completely wasted what little daylight there is.

real estate plr: EMDs Get Punched by Google's Panda - 10/23/12 10:26 PM
THE PANDA in question isn’t nearly as cute and cuddly as the ones you see contentedly munching bamboo leaves. This is the one that is the code name for Google’s active algorithm – the top secret code the search engine giant uses to determine what list of pages appear when users type in ‘houses for sale in Kalamazoo’ or ‘listings in Peoria.’
This Panda has attitude: it can maul an innocent website it doesn’t like in a flash. It is good business practice for Realtors® to avoid offending the Panda. In fact, you’d better try to feed it whatever it wants!

real estate plr: Cutting Off Your Nose (to spite your Facebook)? - 04/18/12 01:09 AM
YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA to make your peace with it/them. But just turning your back and walking away from it/them isn’t a very good idea either (hence my title). Unlikely as it seems to anyone over the age of 30 --  illogical as it may seem -- the social media advocates are truth-tellers: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and their cousins are POWERFUL marketing tools that fetch actual authentic bite-the-nickel OMG it’s real! real estate business. ActiveRain itself is a social medium, although its value explains itself better than something like a Twitter -- which at first glance seems … (2 comments)

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