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First of all let's give credit where credit is due. I am reblogging this because I think it is a good subject and was very well done. The gentleman's name who originally posted this is Mr. Fred Sweezer Sr. and there is a link to his website at the bottom of the post. Thanks Fred for a great blog ...
If you've ever run upon hard times, whether caused from your own actions or outside influences you know how important it is to keep the faith.  If you're like me, when things are slow you tend to self reflect and try to figure out the reasons why, rather than just riding the wave and letting thin...
On a recent commercial inspection I was performing I came across the largest termite shelter tubes I have ever seen. What appears to be a crack in the wall in the picture on the right is actually a shelter tube built by Eastern Subterranean Termites. These little critters live in the soil and are...
Home Inspector Cedar Rapids reaches the boiling point from time to time. As a home inspector I get to see and hear some different things from time to time. On one inspection I was informed that I would not have to inspect the heating system because that had been contracted separately by the home ...
Home Inspection Cedar Rapids IA, Waterloo IA, We are not the Judge of what the buyers motivation is. I have talked with many real estate agents and brokers who have expressed concern over what might be said by a home inspector in regards to the condition of the home vs the asking price during the...
Home Inspectors in Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Cedar Falls Iowa are numerous. As a perspective home buyer you want to hire the best you can get while spending as little money as possible.  It is no secret that Eastern Iowa Inspection services is not the highest and not the lowest priced inspection co...
As a Home Inspector that provids service to Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Cedar Falls and many surrounding areas it is with great pleasure that I often meet and perform home inspections for people relocating to my service area. One of the great things about doing home inspections for people relocating ...
My eight year old son asked me the other day about success. "What is success daddy?" Interesting question. I must have been running my mouth to my wife about different perceptions of the topic. I have to admit the question caught me off guard a bit. Fortunately, I think that is when the real trut...
Today I would like to discuss furnace filters with you. As a home inspector that services Cedar Rapids IA and Waterloo/Cedar Falls IA, I see a lot of furnaces on a weekly basis.I think a basic description of the method in which a furnace works is a good place to start.  A furnace heats our home b...

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