fha: 7 Things to Know about FHA Loans - 07/16/10 10:49 AM
For Your Clients: 7 Things All Borrowers Should Know About FHA Loans RISMEDIA, July 1, 2010--FHA Pros, LLC, a national FHA condo approval service, has developed a list of facts speaking to the top misconceptions associated with FHA loans in order to help home buyers better navigate an already confusing market. FHA loans are mortgages issued by qualified lenders and insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). “We have seen home buyer interest in FHA loans go from practically zero three years ago to upwards of 87 percent today,” said Christopher Gardner, founder and president of FHA Pros, LLC. “Despite this … (0 comments)

fha: FHA Changes - 01/21/10 03:50 PM
FHA Changes:
FHA is trying to balance 3 fundamental objectives:
Financial soundness of the FHA insurance fund-ensuring that its capital ratio returns above 2% Fufilling its mission of serving borrowers not adequately served by the private sector Facilitating the recovery of the housing industry and the over-all economy By all accounts the new changes are a victory for home buyers. FHA has carefully balanced the need to make financial reforms with the need to keep FHA available to a large segment of consumers. This is evident by retaining the 3.5% minimum down payment requirement and allowing the upfront mortgage insurance premium … (2 comments)

fha: Is FHA the Key to the Housing Rebound? - 04/04/09 09:30 AM
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Is FHA the Key to the Housing Rebound?
RISMEDIA, April 4, 2009-The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is a primary source of mortgage financing for millions of America's families and plays a key role in helping bring stability to the housing market. This is the message that the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) recently delivered to the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee. "Without FHA financing, families would be unable to purchase homes and communities would suffer from continued foreclosures and blight," said Lennox Scott, a member of NAR's Real Estate Advisory Board and CEO of John L. Scott Real … (0 comments)