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Minnesota has a particular rhythm unlike other parts of the country because of our weather. It used to be that late spring, May and June were the busiest months. Because of low inventory of homes to sell, buyers are getting a jump on the spring market by starting earlier. Usually, the Super Bowl ...
What is a Truth in Housing report, and why is it important? TIH is designed for the safety of ‘other people,’ and focuses on code items. Most home owners know that all single family and duplexes are required to provide a TIH report to buyers to review. Condos and triplexes, 4plexes are exempt.I s...
Online evaluations don't mean to lie, but they are limited to the past tense. Data can tell you what happened, but can't predict the future or why it happened. All the real estate data takes location, square feet, number of bedrooms, and a few more criteria into consideration to come up with an a...
Most advertising for new homes are big, gorgeous two story homes with tons of space. What happened to one level living? Where are they, and who builds them?There’s a new wave of builders who know that not everyone wants a two story, 4 bedroom home. One level doesn’t mean tiny house. Throughout th...
Once you've decided to sell your home and move, you need a new life. What does that look like? Age doesn’t matter, moving is life changing, you want to nail down answers to all of your questions before putting one foot in front of the other.Years ago a young couple asked me to help their parents ...
Elliot Eisenberg, The Bow Tie Economist, told me that 40% of homes in the US are free and clear of the mortgage. If not totally free and clear there is a whopping 45% who have over 50% equity.  Who would those people be?  They're probably Baby Boomers who've lived in their home 15+ years or inves...
2018 started out with great expectations, it was supposed to have been a year of massive sales.  Economists warned of an overdue recession (not the 2008 kind, just a cut back). That’s not what happened. Economists talk about data, not trends, and there is no why in data. The spring market started...
Across the country there are new developments that are more like a resort complex than a traditional rental building. Edina’s rental properties are often traditional buildings from the 1960s-1980s. There is a new dog on the west side of Edina. It’s the resort styled The Loden with California casu...
Over the years, I’ve made some blunders and eventually learned that a closed mouth gathers no foot. Instead, think like a cop. If you watch with two eyes, listen with 2 ears, and speak with only one mouth you will make some amazing discoveries. Here’s a few nuggets that I found that don’t work: A...
A real estate coach once said to me, “The real estate market can go up and down, but stocks and bonds can disappear. The land is always there, that’s why they call it real.”Residential real estate is owned by millions of average Americans. For many, it is their biggest investment. Everyone wants ...

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