best practice: First Time Buyer Test - 10/02/17 09:15 AM
Take a First Time Home Buyer Quiz to see if you’re ready to be a HOMEOWNER. 
Do you have a job, or some form steady income? Does your shower turn icy when your neighbor turns on the water? Did you find your neighbor’s underwear in your laundry basket? Is your car buried by snow, or towed for parking in a snow emergency area? Is the renter upstairs a flamenco dancer, drummer, or have 3 kids on a trampoline? Do you have to dig for clothes to go to work because you have tiny teeny closet space? Are you shocked by an … (0 comments)

best practice: 5 Tips to Search Homes Faster - 09/22/16 07:30 AM

It is always frustrating to find a home online, then get there to find that it isn’t at all what you expected. Worse, it isn’t even on the market because it was sold 3 years ago. The market is like the ocean, tides come and go, you want to ride the wave that gets you home.
 Use a reliable source. There are lots of options, Zillow is #1, Trulia #2, and #3. I can also set up an auto update where you can search on your own, save, and get auto updates. Public sites don’t always update a listing when it has … (2 comments)