first time buyer: First Time Buyer Test - 10/02/17 09:15 AM
Take a First Time Home Buyer Quiz to see if you’re ready to be a HOMEOWNER. 
Do you have a job, or some form steady income? Does your shower turn icy when your neighbor turns on the water? Did you find your neighbor’s underwear in your laundry basket? Is your car buried by snow, or towed for parking in a snow emergency area? Is the renter upstairs a flamenco dancer, drummer, or have 3 kids on a trampoline? Do you have to dig for clothes to go to work because you have tiny teeny closet space? Are you shocked by an … (0 comments)

first time buyer: Buyers Are Suffering Post Multiple Offer Trauma Fatigue Syndrome (MOTFAS) - 04/21/17 12:21 PM
Six offers later, and we still have no house. 28 offers on the first one, 14 on the second, 25 on the third, it goes on. Forever. They were good offers, all $10,000 to $15,000 over asking price.
Good earnest money, fully approved, with a letter saying how much the buyer appreciated the seller’s divine taste, and how much they want to make it their own. The lender called the listing agent to cheer him on.
Still, the response came back, “Thank you for your patience while we comb through 28 offers.” Or, “We have 25 awesome offers, and will get back to … (7 comments)

first time buyer: This Could be you, Keith and Angela - 04/18/17 07:39 AM
They moved to the Twin Cities for job relocation from the East not knowing if they would stay, or even like it. Soon they were nestled into a cozy rental home in Minnetonka, their jobs were running on track. Their rental was an older home, charming, but begged fixing. That's when they began thinking about what they really wanted.
It started with, "If we want to stay in Minnesota, let's put down roots." Keith and Angela began to think about starting a family, building community, making friends. After looking at a few older homes, they explored some new construction communities. The … (1 comments)

first time buyer: This Could be YOU, Kyle’s Story - 02/08/17 03:02 PM
An idea popped into Kyle’s head before she opened her eyes on a warm September morning in 2015.  She was renting part of her Grandma’s house, but it was being sold. Her mom offered that she could live with her, but this morning Kyle knew that she wanted a place of her own. Breathing in the steam of her first cup of coffee that morning, the idea started taking shape. She wanted a home with a yard for her daughter to play, bedrooms for each of them, space for a real home office, a kitchen where they could cook together, and … (5 comments)

first time buyer: What does a Real Estate agent actually do for you? - 08/11/16 07:09 AM
I'm so glad you asked.  Of course, you know the part where we say, "And here's the kitchen!'  because you can't find it on your own.
Most of what you see a Realtor doing is opening doors and pointing out details of what's great or not with a home.  That's 10% of it, here's the low down.
1. Give you an orientation of the process, what to expect and who does what. Explain that we have a fiduciary responsibility to you, your interests are in first place and always confidential. 
2. Search, select, and determine what works for your needs. You can ask me if I like … (0 comments)