moving: What does your New Life Look Like? - 02/01/19 09:47 AM
Once you've decided to sell your home and move, you need a new life. What does that look like? Age doesn’t matter, moving is life changing, you want to nail down answers to all of your questions before putting one foot in front of the other.
Years ago a young couple asked me to help their parents find a new home. They had a charming two-story in South Minneapolis where they’d lived for over 30 years, there was no pressing reason to move except that in the future it would be tough to maintain. At first they protested, “We love our home, … (2 comments)

moving: MOMMY TO MOMMY MOVING GUIDE - 08/31/16 08:35 AM
What Your Realtor is Afraid to Tell You 
This guide is for you, to help you get your house ready for sale so at the end of the ordeal you still have a head of hair, and your hubby won't be convince that you're bat shit crazy.  Look at the big picture, all the work is worth it to sell your home at the right price.
Any seller can use the guide, but I have 4 kids. Three of them were under the age of 3, and I could barley catch a breath when hubby came home from a long day announcing, "Laura, WE'RE … (2 comments)